Argument over children's behavior at R-rated film leads to arrests for disorderly conduct

July 24, 2013

Two couples were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after an argument about children's behavior during a late-night showing at a Greenfield movie theater ended with one of the subjects deploying pepper spray.

According to a report released by Greenfield police, which was obtained this week after an open-records request by NOW Newspapers:

A 21-year-old Mukwonago woman and a 33-year-old Milwaukee woman started arguing after the Mukwonago woman complained several times that the other woman’s young children were kicking the back of her chair and making too much noise during a showing of the R-rated movie “Olympus has Fallen” at Budget Cinema, 4475 S. 108th St., at about 11 p.m. June 25.

The woman told police she turned around several times and asked the children’s mother to make them quiet down, and twice asked the woman to stop her child from kicking the back of her seat. 

After the child kicked her seat the third time, she turned around and told the children’s mother that if the child kicked her chair one more time, “We’re going to have a problem.” After that comment, the two women started bickering loudly and using profanities, according to several witnesses.

While the two were arguing, the woman’s boyfriend turned around and said something to the children’s mother. According to witnesses, that’s when the children’s father stood up, told the man not to speak to his wife like that and shouted, “Now we have a problem.”

Fearing the argument was going to get physical, the woman’s boyfriend took a can of pepper spray out of his pocket and sprayed the children’s father in the face. The woman’s boyfriend told police he used the pepper spray because he feared for his safety and was trying to defend his girlfriend.

The man and several other theater patrons were treated at the scene for stinging, watery eyes.

After police interviewed the subjects and several witnesses, both couples were arrested for disorderly conduct for creating a disturbance in the theater.
All names and and ages of the men and children were redacted from the police department's report. You can read more about Milwaukee-area police departments redacting reports here.
Editor's note: This story was updated to include the ages and residences of the two women involved in the incident.


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