Comments reveal anger on both sides of teacher issues

Aug. 23, 2011

Greenfield - Numerous people spoke to the Greenfield School Board on Monday from both inside and outside the district on what most saw as injustices on the teachers.

Among the comments and speakers were:

"I'm distressed. … That in some kind of unilateral way a group of people could turn other peoples' lives upside down." - Chuck Gobel, resident.

"What you're doing to this school district is a shame. … You're putting everything on the backs of your teachers and you'll find in the long run it will be very demoralizing." - Jack Misorski, former teacher

In difficult times, it doesn't help to be perceived as obstinate or inflexible. Teachers must instill confidence that they are doing what is best for students. It will be easier to ask for more in better times, if teachers demonstrate a willingness to adjust in difficult times. - Diane Eckes, special education teacher at the Greenfield Middle School.

"Stop the ugliness (coming from the governor and Legislature). We need common respect." - Nadine Ewert, a resident whose daughters went through the Greenfield schools.

"I want to hear a plan for retention and recruitment of quality staff. … As a taxpayer, I'm concerned about a quality staff." - Judy Grohowski, former art teacher at Greenfield High School.

"How can we make adequate comment on a handbook we can't see? … So, you implement without any public input whatsoever. That's unbelievable." - George Wiemers, resident.

It's imperative that something be done so that meetings are not hijacked by the same thuggish behavior that engulfed last year's district annual meeting. A small group of disruptive people kept up a running commentary for two hours, launching baseless attacks on the School Board and the administration and even telling some citizen speakers to "shut up." - Robin Mallon, resident.

There's a lack of leadership. "Shame on you." - Andrew Misorski, Greendale.

School Board members aren't monsters. They know they will not be able to attract talented teachers if they go too far. The administrators are hardworking with three doing the work of what should be a 13-member administrative staff. - Chris Kowieski, a teacher in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District.

Attacking employees and not respecting them "are going to affect the kids." - Allen Levie, Racine.


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