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FOCUS ON FIRE SAFETY-Holiday Fire Safety

The Greenfield Fire Department has once again ramped up the awareness of fire dangers during the month of December with the "Keep the Wreath Green" campaign and holiday safety tips, we hope to reduce the number of fires during a time when there are boughs of holly, holidays are fraught with fire hazards.  Each day throughout the month of December there will be a safety tip along with other pertinent safety information.  These safety tips and other pertinent information have been used in past posts, but like anything else repetition promotes learned behavior.    

Decorating homes and businesses is a long-standing tradition around the holiday season.  Unfortunately, these same decorations may increase your chances of fire.  Based on data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the U. S. Fire Administration (USFA), an estimated 250 home fires involving Christmas trees and another 170 home fires involving holiday lights and other decorative lighting occur each year.  Together, these fires resulted in 21 deaths and 43 injuries.  

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Successful kids in school..

Adults continue to wonder why certain children are ahead of the curve when it comes to education.  We believe we have the answer, yet the answers lie within each individual family.  Due to this fact, I decided to go beyond our educators and get to the heart of the issue.  

Although school was a no-brainer in my family, I was not overly strict regarding studying.  I knew my children had different levels of learning when it came to certain subjects, so I felt it best that they created their own habits regarding test taking.  At times I felt dumber than a 5th grader and directed my daughters back to their instructors for answers.   I do not recall being overly stringent regarding completion of homework yet I did ask about future tests and projects due.  I talked with them about school on a regular basis and also attended parent-teacher conferences for updates.

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Holiday Scamming

With the holidays upon us and money being tight, the scammers are setting their sights on you to finance their Christmas.  They are hoping that your finances are tight enough that you would believe you are an instant winner of a contest you never entered and all you have to do is cash the check they sent you and wire it back to them to cover the taxes.  Needless to say, it is a bad check and your bank will hold you responsible for cashing it.  These notices will come in the mail, e-mail, or text messages and they may even be on letterhead and they will look legitimate.  Do not fall for it!  I am going to leave you with a message from our website.


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This week's Snowstorm of Doom update

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Kohl's to remodel Southridge store

Kohl's, Southridge

Kohl's will begin work in January on a remodeling project at its Southridge Mall store in Greendale.

Kohl's vice president of public relations Vicki Shamion said the facelift includes updating departments throughout the store, with the biggest changes planned for the kids, home and intimates departments. The store also will get new fitting rooms and lounge areas, new customer service areas at both entrances and updated checkout areas.

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Because I can....

Every once in a while I mention my kids in my writing.  I try to exempt them from too much exposure.   To heck with it, it’s Christmas and I am going all out.  

Stephanie is 19 and heading to college next month.  She is quite busy with work, sleeping and friends.  Although she is in the room next to me most nights, it appears she has already left my nest.  I have very few worries knowing that she is street smart and can hold her own.   She is a goofball, very friendly and rarely complains.  She works, takes care of her bills and recently broke free and obtained her own cell phone service.  Talk about being kicked to the curb.  

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Ladies...It's All About You

Good day to you, Ladies...I firmly believe we all have many things to be proud of, even when we feel life has not been in our favor. I hope the following excerpt from one of my favorite newletters gives you the incentive to celebrate the moments of your successes today and every day moving forward. It’s more fun to celebrate as we achieve. I hope each of you have an incredible 2011...Happy Holidays!

"We women are sometimes so hard on ourselves that we don’t take time to think about how far we’ve come ... how many things we’ve accomplished ... and just how awesome we are.

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The twelve days of my favorite things

My ex-wife is pretty aware of this, but "back in the day" I had a whole lot more spare time.  Spare time is a scarce commodity these days.

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Salty goodness

December 20th's Favorite Thing - Pecans

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Holiday Closing Dates

Holidays, library hours

 The library will be closed the following days during the holiday season:

Thursday, December 23, 2010 (furlough day)
Friday, December 24, 2010
Saturday, December 25, 2010
Friday, December 31, 2010
Saturday, January 1, 2011
Sunday, January 2, 2011 (furlough day)

All other days the library will be open during its regular operating hours.

Some of the simplest things are the best

December 21st's Favorite Thing - Memories

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Winter Spring Recreator

Recreator, Youth Sports, Discount Tickets

Winter Spring Recreator is here to fulfill everything on your Holiday wishlist and the answer to all your New Year Resolutions.  The Recreator should be arriving to Greenfield residents shortly after Dec. 25th and a copy of the Recreator will be postedon the City's website in the week of December 20th. 

This Recreator includes older adult fitness classes, swim lessons, Breakfast with Easter Bunny, adult swim lessons, youth basketball and soccer leagues, and entirly too many classes to list here.

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Sometimes something enjoyable is a big production

December 22nd's Favorite Thing - Jim Steinman lyrics

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The smells of the season

These favorites of mine aren't done in any particular order.  I have a few ideas of topics I think I'll use, but others are coming to mind as the days go on.  This is one of those.

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This isn't 2005 anymore

December 24th's Favorite Thing - Online video streaming

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Merry Christmas to all - even those in the hospital

I delay the Twelve Days of My Favorite Things - not because it is Christmas Day - but rather because (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten, is lying in an ER bed right now, and I am trying to stay awake as I watch him snore.

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Getting there is only half the fun

That nutty Mitten... always with the drama!  His surgery was in the afternoon on Christmas Day, and was home in time for the Packers game on Sunday, none the worse for wear.  He can't bowl for about six weeks, but the doctor said that he will be fine for the beginning of school on January 3rd.

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What's Mine is Mine

Phew!! Christmas is over!  The gifts have been bought, wrapped, delivered,and opened.  Now it is time to sit back and enjoy those gifts!  I would ask that you complete one more task before putting that gift away for the first time.  Please record the make, model, and serial number of all valuable gifts.  This is especially true for electronic gifts.  Televisions, ipods, gps, and other items are often stolen and unless you can give us the make, model, and serial number it will be very difficult to match recovered items with victims.  Furthermore, if you are going to file a claim with your insurance, they will probably want that information as well.

A good way to have this information recorded is to register your item with the manufacturer.  Usually they will be able to retrieve the information at your request so if your item is stolen it can be identified by the police.  Another good way to record identifying information would be to take a picture of your valuables and print the picture.  On the back of the picture write down the identifying information and keep these pictures in a safe place.  Another way to identify your valuables would be to borrow one of the Greenfield Police engravers and leave an identifying engraving on your valuable item.  This method is extremely helpful when "bad guys" alter a serial number but are not aware of your identifier.  In order to use an engraver just stop by the Police Department and ask to borrow one.

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A Christmas Miracle?

 I like Christmas/New Years.  It's a few days off work, time to spend with family and friends, time to catch up on DVD watching, and catching up with odds and ends around the house due to the time off.  

This Christmas was a bit different.  The Thursday before Christmas a friend of ours was rushed to the hospital and put into ICU because she has a blood clot in her leg that traveled to her lung.  We were informed that "normally" people don't survive this.  That's all we could think about and kept tabs daily on what was happening.  Christmas to our friend and her family is a "big deal" as well with get togethers, meals, going out to view Christmas decorations, etc.

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Your New Year's Resolution

Book Discussion

This year make it your New Year's Resolution to read more books.  Join our book discussion group the second Wednesday of every month 7-8 p.m. in the Community Room.


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