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Shop til you Drop Safely

I wrote this article last year but I believe a review of it is helpful every year.


Holiday Shopping Tips

By Ofc. Regenfelder
Saturday, Dec 2 2006, 09:20 AM
The holiday season is upon us! Tis the season to go shopping! I would like to offer a few shopping tips in order to make the shopping season more enjoyable.

1) Clean out your trunk before leaving for your shopping experience. This will give you space to put your holiday goodies where they cannot be observed from the exterior of the vehicle.

2) If possible, only take the credit card you will use and a driver's license with you. These items can be placed in your pocket so you do not have to bring your purse with you. Purses are targets for thieves. If possible, leave them at home.

3) Preplan your shopping. Know where you are going. There are a lot of drivers on the road this time of year that are browsing while they drive and not paying enough attention to the road. If you know where you are going, you can concentrate on driving.

4) If you will be shopping until it gets dark, try and park where there are street lights or parking lights so that you will be in a lighted area when you return to your car.

5) If you are going to leave valuables in the car, keep them out of sight. Put them in the trunk or out of view under the seat.

6) While you shop, if you had to take your purse with you, keep it with you. Do not leave it in the cart while you select items from the shelf or try on clothing. It may not be there when it is time to check out.

7) When returning to your car with your holiday cheer, have your keys in your hand so you can access your vehicle quickly without searching for your keys. Also, do not leave your newly purchased gems unattended while you get the kids situated, start the car, unlock the driver's door, etc. It does not take long before those items could be gone.

8) Return home for some holiday nog and a foot massage from your significant other!

If you do become a victim of theft during your shopping experience, have emergency credit card phone numbers available so that you can cancel your account before the criminals have a chance to use it and call the police .

I hope these hints are helpful and make your holiday shopping experience more cheerful!

Brunch With Santa & City Tree Lighting

50th Anniversary, Community Events

City of Greenfield 50th Anniversary Holiday Ornament 
The City of Greenfield 50th Anniversary Holiday Ornament.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Parks & Recreation Department's Brunch With Santa event on Saturday, December 1st.  Approximately 80 participants (children and adults) were in attendance to enjoy a breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries, sausage, applesauce, cookies, and juice.  The jolly old fellow in red and white also made an appearance with Mrs. Claus.  Children in attendance had the opportunity to visit with Santa by the gingerbread house.

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Looking At Shedding Some Added Holiday Pounds?

Fitness, Recreator

It's that time of the year when the holidays may take the best of us as for sampling all of those special holiday recipes and treats while not taking full advantage of our exercise routines.  Before you know it, 2008 will be here and people will be making their New Year's resolutions.  Is losing weight and staying fit one that's on your list?  The Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department can help fill that void and is once again offering it's Holiday Break Fitness Mix classes beginning December 26th and going through January 11th.

Back by popular demand, join us for this special holiday break "mix"! Stay fit while enjoying a potpourri of fitness classes and instructors (please review the class descriptions in the Fall Recreator.) All classes will be taught with the beginner in mind. For those no longer beginners, try a different class to spice up your fitness routine.

Here is how it works, sign up NOW for the fitness potpourri program and pay one low fee. Then, attend as many of the classes listed as your schedule allows. Program requires a minimum enrollment of 15 people, so be sure to register before Thursday, December 20th. If you are not interested in enrolling in the entire program, a daily Fitness Pass ($4 resident/ $8 non-resident) can be purchased at the Parks & Recreation office once this minimum enrollment is met. Using the daily pass will allow you to attend only the class you prefer – multiple passes can be purchased.

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Congratulations Karen!

50th Anniversary, P&R Office

Karen Malecki, the Parks & Recreation Department's Older Adult and Volunteer Services Supervisor, was honored last night at the Greenfield Chamber of Commerce's 2007 Awards and Recognition Banquet, held at Carl's Catering.  Karen was recognized as one of the Public Employees of the Year (Fire Chief Russ Spahn was also honored.).  Karen's responsibilities in the department include organizing and supervising the Older Adult programs, including the annual Older Adult picnic and holiday party, serves as the graphic designer for the Recreator program activity guide and various program flyers, and is involved with community events sponsored by the Department.  In addition, Karen's efforts were seen throughout 2007 as she played a lead role in organizing a committee and has spent countless hours behind-the-scenes implementing the "50 Fun Things To Do In Greenfield" for the City of Greenfield's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

If you would like to extend your congratulations to Karen, please send us an e-mail and your message will be forwarded to her, or use the Add Comment feature on this blog post.

"Keeping the Wreath Green"

The "Keeping the Wreath Green" campaign will start on December 6, 2007 and go through January 2, 2008.  The idea behind this campaign is to show how well fire safety is practiced throughout the holiday's.  We will do this by using a Christmas Wreath and placing 50 green lights on it, any time there is a fire incident in the City of Greenfield we will replace a green light with a red one.  The goal to this is to have all 50 green lights remaining at the end.  There are several ways to practice fire safety during the holiday's such as, watch candle useage-keep open flames away from combustible materials (wood and paper.)  Limit the use of extension cords (try not to overload electical outlets and use power strips with surge protection in place of extension cords.)  If you have a real Christmas tree keep it watered so that it does not become to dry.


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Parks are not the cause of high taxes-2

Often when there’s a debate over holding the line on taxes, County Park operations are brought up, as if Park expenditures are the fault for our high tax burden. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Last year, for every $100 that a Milwaukee resident paid in total property taxes, only $1.62 went to fund the 15,000-acre park system.

For 2008, the County Executive proposes cutting taxes devoted to Parks by 5.86%, compared to this year. The County Board’s Finance Committee alternative would impose a $24.2 million levy which amounts to a $2.1 million increase over this year’s budget. That increase would equate to an additional $4.41 on the annual property tax bill for a family living in a $130,000 house.

Neither funding alternative reaches the $26.9 million levy that was devoted to Parks in 1983. You read that right: the County is funding Parks at a level that’s less than what existed 25 years ago!

From 1983 to 2007, the County’s overall tax levy grew by 112%, outpacing inflation. Yet, during that same time, the County cut the Parks portion of that levy by 18.3%.

Our Parks aren’t the cause of high property taxes. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

New Berlin not alone in quest for water

I’ve written extensively about New Berlin’s need for city of Milwaukee water and Milwaukee’s requirement that certain conditions be met before New Berlin gets water.

Milwaukee is insisting that New Berlin provide low-income housing and mass transit in exchange for much-need public drinking water.

Now Brookfield and Elm Grove are considering getting involved in negotiations for Milwaukee water.

If they do, I am curious to see what Milwaukee will ask those suburbs to offer in return.

Happy Birthday to "Going Blogging On The Trail"

P&R Office

It's hard to believe, but yesterday (December 7th) marked the first anniversary of our Department's blog on  It was December 7, 2006 when we welcomed GreenfieldNOW readers to our first posting on this site.  Much has happened in the past year in Greenfield and the Parks & Recreation Department and some of it has been highlighted on the blog.

Are you a frequent reader of our blog?  What have you liked about our blog?  Is there something you would like to see featured in the future?  We'd like to hear from you.  Send us an e-mail to, or if registered with GreenfieldNOW, use the Add Comment feature.

With a Little Help From Our Friends - Park Statuary Preservation Efforts by Citizen Groups


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State Senate votes to end Frankenstein veto

The state Senate today approved a constitutional amendment that I co-sponsored to eliminate the Wisconsin governor's use of the Frankenstein veto.

The vote by the Senate was unanimous, 33-0.

The constitutional amendment must go back to the Assembly so the Assembly can addres the date change for the statewide referendum on the veto. Originally, the amendment called for an election date of April 2007. The amendment approved by the Senate calls for a statewide referendum to take place April 1, 2008.

The Assembly is expected to concur with the Senate's action.

The amendment would prohibit future governors, regardless of party affiliation, from creating new words or sentences in their budget vetoes in order to appropriate spending that has not been approved by the state Legislature.

My Biz blog

Mary in the media

I’ve updated my biz blog. “Taxes go up, people move out,” appears in today’s Small Business Times.

New park patrol program will enhance security for park patrons

The Milwaukee County Executive’s 2008 Recommended Budget proposed the creation of a Park Patrol.  On Monday, November 5, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors supported the creation of a Park Patrol when they passed the 2008 Adopted Budget. 

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Winter/Spring 2008 Recreator Now Online

P&R Office, Recreator

Some of you have been calling or e-mailing and asking, and now it's finally here (at least the online version).  View all program offerings for the upcoming season on the Parks & Recreation Department's website, or if you need a shortcut, just click here to download and view the Winter/Spring 2008 Recreator

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I'm on WisconsinEye

WisconsinEye has produced a video profile on all Wisconsin legislators.

You can see my profile here.

A New Look For The New Year

P&R Office

The Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department received a new look today, but it's not in our office.  Instead it's on our website.  The City of Greenfield this morning launched its new website for the upcoming new year.  Same address.....different look.  Check it out! - City of Greenfield main address

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Year Round Discount Theme Park Tickets Now Available

Discount Tickets, P&R Office

The Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department will be participating in the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association's discount ticket program to provide great "Family Fun" opportunities at affordable prices.  Besides receiving tickets at an excellent savings, you will be contributing to Parks & Recreation in Greenfield as a percentage of each ticket sold will be placed in the Program Scholarship Fund.

Currently the Department is selling tickets to four statewide attractions:  Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee County Zoo, Rick Wilcox Magical Theater (Grand Illusion show only) in Wisconsin Dells, and Country Springs Water Park in Pewaukee/Waukesha.

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