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ADOPTED! Blue-eyed Beauty

Sarah's sea blue eyes are absolutely captivating, especially against her snow white fur.  This 2-year-old Siberian Husky mix doesn't just depend on her good looks, though!  She is a very intelligent, curious and social girl.  Sarah is thrilled to get visitors and loves to walk in the spring sunshine.  Sarah came to us as a stray and she's hoping to start a new life with an active family or guardian interested in training, exercising and bonding with their new pal! Siberian Huskies often do well with other dogs because they are so social and friendly, so Sarah might be a great dog to have your own pup meet!  Bring him or her down to WHS for a doggie intro on neutral ground.  See for more details.

Mitchell Park Conservatory to undergo renovation



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Clue #2 - Summer Medallion Quest

Medallion Quest, Parks

Here's the 2nd Clue in this summer's Medallion Quest sponsored by the Parks & Recreation Department.

Analyze this…


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State lawmakers across the country are blogging

Mary in the media

I’m mentioned in a column about legislators around the country who blog.

S is an independent element of the Pew Research Center based in Washington, DC. that provides news about state legislatures throughout the United States.

Dream a little dream of Dreamer!

Dreamer is a sweet 11-year-old Brown and White Tabby cat who greets all visitors with lots of chin rubs. This striking feline has the most unusually-shaped green eyes that have amazing flecks of color. You simply must see this unique cat in person!

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Clue #3 - Summer Medallion Quest

Medallion Quest, Parks

Here's the 3rd clue in this summer's Medallion Quest.  The final clue will be released next Thursday if the medallion is not redeemed.  Good luck!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Sweet Senior: Meet Alfie

Alfie has a lot going for him: charm, charisma, good looks and warm brown eyes that will melt your heart. He doesn't have a family to call his own, though, so this 8 1/2 year old Shetland Sheepdog/Terrier mix waits patiently for someone who will cherish all he has to offer.  When you visit Alfie, he's apt to roll over on your lap, inviting a belly rub.  Extremely affectionate, Alfie will keep you company on the couch and will likely bond quickly with his new family.

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Flood victims may be eligible for tax relief

News you can use

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says flood victims in five Wisconsin counties, including Milwaukee County could receive tax relief.

Here is more information from the IRS.

After flooding, state issues warning about food safety

News you can use

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has issued a warning about food safety after massive flooding in many parts of the state.

DATCP is the state agency responsible for food safety, animal and plant health, protecting water and soil and monitoring fair and safe business practices.

Read their warning here.

Concerts In The Park - Memory Exchange

Community Events, Konkel Park


The first concert in this summer's Concert In The Parks series begins tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 17th, with the Memory Exchange performing at the Konkel Park gazebo beginning at 7:00pm.  Memory Exchange is a three piece band from Milwaukee, with influences from Jimmy Eat World, The Gloria Record, and Coldplay came about.  Very unique musical personalities producing rich melodies with emotionally charged lyrics.

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Final Clue - Summer Medallion Quest

Medallion Quest, Parks

Here is the fourth and final clue in this summer's Medallion Quest sponsored by the Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department.  Good luck with your search!

Clue #4 - June 19, 2008
Things are looking up…

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If you live in flooded areas, consider direct deposit for checks

News you can use

The U.S. Treasury is advising Social Security recipients who live in flood-affected areas to make arrangements for their checks to be deposited directly into their accounts.

Here are the details.

No More Drive-In Movies, But Come Enjoy A Movie In The Park

Community Events, Konkel Park

The Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department will once again host a series of Movies In The Park.  The FREE event is open to all families and will feature a G or PG rated movie.  Movies will be shown at sundown at the Konkel Park gazebo.

The first feature will be tomorrow night, Saturday, June 21st, with the showing of Bee Movie.  Other movies will be shown on July 26h (Surf's Up) and August 16th (Shrek 3).

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Playing it Safe

I want to pass this information on from the National Crime Prevention Council.  There is good information on keeping your home and neighborhood safe.  I got this from their website. 

Home and Neighborhood Safety

Crime prevention and personal safety tips to help keep you and your community safe from crime

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ADOPTED Got Room for Roxie?

Roxie will have your neighbors all inquiring about your stunning new family member.  This Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd mix has a gorgeous, shiny black coat with beautiful beige and brown markings.  Her chocolate brown eyes will melt your heart, especially if accompanied by her ears perking up!  Roxie knows cues such as "sit" and "down"; she will likely learn new skills very fast.

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Who's that knocking at my door??

This is timely information that I received from Inspector Wildish.

For release June 18, 2008Contact Cecilia Gilbert, Department of Public Works Communications Manager, (414) 286-3261  Public Warned about Utility Imposters Milwaukee area residents should be mindful of persons who try to gain access to their homes by posing as utility workers. Utility imposters may carry “official” looking credentials and often work in pairs.  The latest scam involved persons who claimed to be investigating floodwater in homes. The Milwaukee Water Works received three calls this week from customers who reported a person claiming to be a utility employee at their door, asking to be let in to check for flood water and damage. None of the residents allowed the persons to enter but instead called the water utility to report the incidents. The Milwaukee Water Works then notified the Milwaukee Police Department. Protect yourself and your family from scam artists who pose as utility employees by following these tips:
  • Do not open your door to someone you do not recognize. Do not allow anyone to enter your home if you are not sure of his or her identity.
  • Ask to see photo identification (I.D.) through a window. Milwaukee Water Works and other utility employees and contractors carry photo I.D. Legitimate employees will be happy to show you their I.D. if you ask, or call the utility office to verify their identification.
  • Call the Milwaukee Water Works (414) 286-2830 if you are unsure about a person’s identification or to verify work to be done at your home. Call the police if you believe the person is an imposter.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter your home claiming to collect a past-due bill, inspect plumbing fixtures, or to sell utility products such as a meter or other equipment. Milwaukee Water Works employees do not engage in door-to-door sales, do not collect a past-due bill in person, and do not deliver rebates or refunds.
  • Advise your elderly loved ones, friends, and children about what to do if strangers approach their home and ask to come in.
 On June 16, a resident reported a man appeared at a home near 68th and Capitol, identified himself as a Milwaukee Water Works employee, and asked to be allowed inside to check for flood damage. Two other residents reported similar incidents June 17. A woman tried to gain entry at a home in the 3100 block of South 9th Street and a man approached a home in the 2600 block of South 13th St. In all cases, the residents refused to allow the man or woman inside, and called the Milwaukee Water Works to report the incidents. 

If you believe that there is a scam artist at your residence, please call your local police department.

Shred Your Old Files This Saturday

Community Events, P&R Office

Shred-It document destruction, in cooperation with the Greenfield Department of Parks and Recreation, is excited to offer the first annual Community Shred Day.  Please join us on Saturday, June 28th (rain date Sunday the 29th) from 11:00am-2:00pm.  The event will offer Greenfield residents the opportunity to securely destroy and discard your old confidential files.

Shred-It will be at the Greenfield City Hall parking lot with their mobile shredding unit.  They will be accepting up to 5 boxes or bags of files that you wish to have securely destroyed, all while you watch.

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Medallion Not Turned In...2nd Chance Winners Named

Medallion Quest, Parks

The Kolasinski family pictured at the site of where the medallion was hidden this year. The medallion was hidden on the playground structure in Haker Park.  Mike Kolasinski was the first name drawn in the second-chance prize drawing.

Another medallion quest has come to an end!  The contest officially ended this afternoon.  The medallion was not turned in to the Parks & Recreation Department office by the deadline today (12 Noon).  Three second-chance winners were drawn from the entries received.  The winners are:

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Smell That Smoke?

Not If You're Asleep

Don't count on the smell of smoke or gas to alert you in case of danger.  According to a recent study from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  Sounds will usually disturb sleep, but scents will not.  During the study participants detected aromas when awake and in the early stage of sleep.  But at deeper sleep no one reacted to the odors.

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Purrfect Kittens!

Billy, Rocky and Tom aren't all brothers, but they sure do play hard and nap harder!  These adorable kittens, who range in age from 10-12 weeks, are just a few of the many young cats available for adoption right now at WHS.  Summer is always a very busy time for cats and kittens and this year is no exception.  Every day, new kittens arrive at the shelter, seeking a second chance. Thankfully, there are many adopters in the community looking to open their hearts and homes to sweet kitties like Billy, Rocky and Tom.  Would you like to meet this terrific trio?  Stop in at WHS today or visit to view all the animals up for adoption.

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