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Attention: Employers Who Are Hiring & Critical People Who Have Jobs

If you are an employer who is looking to hire someone, please check with the Hire Center/Unemployment Department for the State of Wisconsin first before paying for and placing an ad either on line, in the newspapers or via a headhunter.  There are a lot of great workers who are unemployed who are looking for work with good employers and I am sure there is a perfect fit for both the employer and the prospective employee.  Be realistic.  My husband had a one on one interview with a manager of a firm who was looking to hire someone with my husband's background.  This manager was "concerned" that my husband would not be able to handle the position because he had been "off work for so long".  Apparently, this manager doesn't  know that we are in a recession that has been the worst that many of us have ever seen.  For every one worker, there may be hundreds of people applying for a job.  My husband has a great resume, reference letters, experience, etc. so the time that he has had off (not his fault), should NOT be held against him or anyone else in the same situation!!!  I can speak for my husband and I am sure, many others, that each and every day he looks for jobs and sends his resume out 2 to 6 times per week or more and has spoken with many headhunters, as well (another blog to follow on headhunters).  He also has his resume on numerous websites. 

I agree that there may be unemployed people who are taking "advantage" of the unemployment benefits and not working very hard at finding a job.  My husband and many others, are NOT like this and I get VERY UPSET when a friend, relative, or whoever, states that they "cannot understand why my husband can't find a job" - "he should really be more proactive"  - "there are jobs out there".  To these people, I'm sorry I have to say it - Get A Grip!  You have a job so you are clueless as to what is going on in the world of unemployment and job seeking.  Not everyone is abusing the system! 

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Why I opposed the mascot legislation

Legislation, Mary in the media

A mascot bill that I voted against was approved by the legislature and is awaiting action by Governor Doyle who is expected to sign the legislation.

I was interviewed by MyCommunity NOW newspapers. You can read my thoughts about the legislation on MuskegoNOW and WauwatosaNOW. 

The 2009-10 legislative session review: Global Warming


During the 2009-10 general legislative session, I served on the
state Senate Select Committee on Clean Energy that examined proposed global warming legislation. There were four public hearings and well over 22 hours of testimony on the bill.  Committee members heard various pros and cons from state agencies, businesspeople, and environmentalists.

Riveting and very damaging testimony during our final public hearing was presented by
Paula Quinn of Hartland.  Quinn is not an elected official, government bureaucrat, or member of any special interest group. Paula Quinn is a taxpaying, PTA attending mother of three.

Paula Quinn cited a study compiled by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and told the committee that the controversial policies being considered in Wisconsin were instituted in Spain during 1997. Spain is the model for climate control being pushed in America. More than any other country, Spain has supported renewable energy concepts.


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Summer Recreator

Squeeze'n Some Time for Fun

The school year is finishing up which means that summer is just around the corner.  Take sometime to flip through the City of Greenfield's Recreator to fill up all your free time this summer.  Summer Playground information is already posted on our website ( so make sure to sign up before space runs out.

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Facebook, MySpace, Match, e-Harmony and anything along that line has allowed us the ability to connect with old and new friends. Those who had once been only a memory come to life as if time had never passed.   

First come the winks or email with a friendly hello.  The “Do you remember when” pops up via written word.   Eventually the emails may contain the “How about we exchange phone numbers” type of communication. When individuals exchange phone numbers, how long does it take for actual conversation to begin?

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Stop the Scam

This posting comes from our website.  It seems these scams are on the rise again.


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Fire Safety During the Spring and Summer Months

With Spring upon us and Summer fast approaching we will be posting a number of different Blogs to hopefully help you have a happy and safe Spring and Summer. 


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I am a student, graduating with my second degree (graduated in December with my Assoicates and now again with a diploma in Web Design and Programming) and this my last semester of my college years, I had the honor to work with a wonderful group of kids. I was part of a group called "OnRamp". Some of you may have seen the story Fox 6 did on this program back in January or February, if not the website is a must visit.

This was the second time around for OnRamp and once again was a success. The program takes students and professionals in the design fields and pair them up with high school students to design t-shirts. We took them through all the stages; marketing, branding, advertising, and of course design. The high school students come from Community High School on 64th and Vernon, a few blocks south of Bluemound. The school is a small, public, charter school that is teacher led.

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Tragedy and the Yin-Yang

HBO, My-Sugar-Na, Reno, Television

(I know, I know, I know... I had those stupid prom pictures up for weeks.  But life is just getting in the way again.  I've got this brilliant piece half-completed - the good thing is that it will never be "dated" - and it will be worth the wait.  But with my trip to bowl Nationals in Reno next week and Mitten's graduation the week after that... sheesh, the treadmill never stops.  Here are a couple of nuggets to hold you over.)

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Frugal Gardening

 Many of us like to have beautiful garden areas around our homes.  Here's some ideas on how to make this happen when on a tight budget:

1.  Ask friends, family and neighbors if you can have perennials from their gardens when and if they divide them up after the perennials get too big.  Offer the same in return.

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Middle of the night BONUS blog

HBO, Milwaukee Wave, Restaurants, Las Vegas, Television

Just got home from playing poker with the guys, and flipped on TV for some celebration relaxation.

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If you work in an office setting like me, you may feel my pain. Throughout the day, various folks stop by for various reasons. 

“Smile and say hi”, is included in my job description. Yet, I am not sure if the fine print was smaller than normal when it stated, “You must also listen to people bitch and complain about everything and nothing on a minute by minute basis.” 

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Squeeze'n Some Lemonade

The Summer Recreators have been printed. The Recreators have been distributed to our mailing service so check your mailbox daily for your copy.  If the anticipation of summer fun is too much, feel free to pick up a copy at City Hall or the Library.

Memorial Day Weekend is coming, which means one thing in Greenfield, DAN JANSEN FAMILY FEST will make its annual visit to Konkel Park.  This year the Parks & Recreation Department will have a Lemonade Stand in the Food Court.  All procedes from the Lemonade Stand will go towards the Greenfield Community Center.  So if your feeling a little thirsty, stop by and enjoy a refreshing lemonade while making Greenfield a Better Place.

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New Web Site

web site

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The Beautiful People

It has been brought to my attention more than once that I am one of the Beautiful People. Most would consider me arrogant to make that statement. Allow me to delve into the idea and definition of what most consider beautiful, bringing it into a new perspective.

Each and every day we are faced with images of what most would consider beautiful. Physically “perfect” individuals grace the pages of a magazine and also the screens of our televisions. HDTV has brought into focus what continues to lack for 95% of people around the world. Without tight abs, straight teeth and a fat free physique, we are left feeling less than. We search for answers, keys and insight as to how to obtain a better life. We believe that unless we reach a certain level of physical perfection we will always be lacking in some sort of happiness. 

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Time Passes

As the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years pass by, how many times do you say you will do it tomorrow. Did tomorrow ever come?

I just returned from vacation. I had a lot of time to think about why, at times, I cannot remember what I did last week, much less two or three days ago. I had every excuse in the book for myself. What it really came down to was I had not been stopping to "smell the roses" surrounding me each day.

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CLUE #1 2010 Medallion Quest "Sweet'n Your Summer"

Community Events, Medallion Quest, Recreator

Sweet’n up your summer with our good old-fashioned Quest –
Prizes will be given to the one who does the best!

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Please Deer...

Are any of you familiar with this article about deer populations on the west side of the city?  I live on the west side and I haven't had problems with or noticed that many deer.

I was mostly surprised that we needed to make it illegal to feed deer.  Perhaps it's because I spent so much time in Northern Wisconsin as a kid, but I know feeding deer isn't the best use of my time.  Sure, they are beautiful creatures and I love to see them, but bringing them too close to people causes more than problems with damaged landscape and property.  I would expect (though I have no statistics) car accidents involving deer might go up when deer are encouraged into residential areas and across major roadways.  I would expect feed would bring in other creatures as well, like mice and rats.  Deer ticks also come to mind...

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Mistakes and accidents

This week was a spectacular week.  It was my first vacation since beginning a new venture regarding employment.  Who would have predicted that not only would I be able to get some much needed R&R, but a nice tan as well.
As I lay in the sun this afternoon, something struck me.  So often we hear about mistakes and accidents.  "I was in a car accident recently", a friend stated.  "My guy made a huge mistake", another quoted.  At times, we are thrown curve balls.  Some are within our own will, some are not.  Yet, if we take a step back, outside of our trials, we allow ourselves to put things into perspective.
A thought struck me, almost like lightening.  It was something exciting, life altering and put many things into focus.  Move over Lasik Eye Surgery, this is going to help you see things so much more than 20/20.  
"Life, death and everything in between happens for a reason. There are no mistakes, no accidents. They happen because we are human, imperfect and in the process of becoming so much more."
In all honesty, think for just a moment about your life.  Most of us, who have feelings, experience very high highs, very low lows and many in-betweens.  We are blindsided by those who we believe love and care for us.  Although most of us are able to live through our pain, we move on with the hope that we will be allowed respite if only for a moment.  
We choose a number of individuals throughout our lives who we believe can enhance us in some way.  It may take longer at times to realize that some are only meant for a season.  Others are meant to stay in order for us to run the race and get to the finish line.  
Yet, every single experience, whether it be good or bad, is not a mistake nor an accident.  Whatever has happened in your life is something which was meant to occur.  This may come as a surprise, especially if you have been dealt a bad hand.  The "why me" may pop into your mind.  No way, you state, there is no way I deserved that type of treatment.  
That type of treatment not only has happened but will happen again.  No-one comes as an open book.   Not one time in your life is a new guy or gal going to say, "Hey, read this manual, it's the truth about the real me."  We must open up to others in order to establish relationships.  More than one person in my life has caused me to shed more than one or two tears.  Yet, in all honesty, I chose for them to be there.  They did not force themselves on me.  I have kept some around for much longer than necessary.  I have been involved with individuals who not only caused me harm, but I have given them an all access pass to continue to harm me.  Was it because I believe I deserved it, or because I did not believe I deserved any better?  
Our skeletal system, nerves, veins, organs and everything else which encompasses our human form is covered by 7 thin layers of skin.  We tend to forget that we are not created as the Bionic Man or Woman.  There is no way we can go through life without experiencing some sort of physical pain.  Over time we become more fragile until we once again join our maker.
Emotional, mental and spritual pain allow us to become.  It is up to each and every one of us to utilize that pain in a positive or negative way.  Whether you learn and grow is up to you.  If you aren't the one learning from your choices, I can guarantee you someone very close to you is. 
We are not guaranteed a life free of anything.  Fair is only found in "Fair"ytales.  Without pain and suffering, one would truly never understand or feel joy, love and happiness.  Celebrate your experiences, good and bad.   

Greater Happiness OR Greater Wealth?

 I am happy because I have no debt.  I have no debt because I am frugal and I only purchase things that I need.  I am not Cheap.  I am Frugal.  I am still able to have a nice home (according to MY standards), nice clothes, go on vacations, drive a nice and well-maintained vehicle and most importantly have good, solid and honest friendships.  We should all try to pursue greater happiness; not necessarily greater wealth.  Sometimes, we have no choice as to where we stand financially, due to outside influences.  Thus, go for the happiness....whatever that means to you.

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