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Wisconsin spending on schools above average


Wisconsin isn’t cheap when it comes to education.

The nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance WTA) reports that Census data shows “Wisconsin spent $10,190 per pupil to operate public schools in 2006. School expenditures here ranked 14th highest among the states and 8.5% above the U.S. average ($9,390). The main reason for the above-average ranking was fringe benefits that exceeded national averages by more than 50%."

Read the WTA press release.

Being a Good Neighbor

Well I think Spring is finally here!  People are opening their windows, walking their dogs, airing out their laundry and even mowing their lawns.  People that you haven't seen all winter are coming outside to enjoy the beginning of the warm season.  For most this is a pleasant time to exchange greetings and begin planning neighborhood events.  For others it is the beginning of a long hot summer of neighbor problems.  I would like to offer a few easy considerations to help minimize your neighbor problems.

1) If you have your windows open and you are playing music inside your residence, be cognizant of how loud the music is so you are not disturbing your neighbors.

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ADOPTED Siamese Stunner

Baby is as sweet as can be. She will greet you with a smile and insist that she snuggle in your lap.

This 7.5-year-old Siamese cat will also gently nudge your hand to encourage you to pet her. In addition to her sparkling personality, Baby has beautiful cream and black fur. Her luminous blue eyes are stunning and they will sparkle even more when she gets adopted!

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ADOPTED! Happy-go-lucky Lab Needs Home

Ursula is like a giant puppy. Happy, energetic, curious and loving, this black Labrador Retriever will have you laughing several times a day.  She is 4 years young and wants to play and run all morning long, then flop on her doggie bed for a nap.  She's a riot to hang out with and performs silly antics.  A good teacher will have no trouble teaching Ursula new skills and manners; she'd love to enroll in a manners class where she could show off her skills, too!   

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Do You Have The Right Formula For Summer Fun?

Aquatics, Community Events, Fitness, Konkel Park, P&R Office, Playgrounds, Recreator

By now, you should have received your copy of the 2008 Summer Recreator if you live in the City of Greenfield.  Do you have the right formula for summer fun?  All you need is four parts of sun, plus five parts of fun.  Add a whole lot of smiles, clean air, fresh water, and a dash of exercise and pinch of play.  You will find all of the necessary ingredients inside the 60-page Recreator program and activity guide.  In addition, the second edition of the GREENfield SHEET, the City's official newsletter, is located in the middle of the guide.  Here are some of the program highlights the Department is offering for this summer:

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Old Coast Guard Station Razed - A short History

 Coast Guard Station 1917


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Lawmakers request veto from Doyle

I was one of several legislators to sign a letter sent to Governor Doyle asking him to veto from the budget repair bill the Property Tax Exemption for Low-Income Housing.

You can read the letter here.

Wisconsin legislators ask for federal help on gas prices

I was one of several legislators to sign a letter sent to Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation, requesting they take action to ease the cost of gas for consumers.

You can read the letter here.

Computer Policy Change

 Next week the library is getting new reservation software for its computers.  During this change there will be no public computers available for use on Monday, May 19th, and Tuesday, May 20th.  Starting Monday, no reservations will be taken over the phone.  Patrons will still be able to make reservations at the library up to three days in advance.  The library will also be gaining four more public computers with internet access to better meet the needs of patrons.  Please see the reference librarian if you have any questions about these changes.

ADOPTED! Don't let this Comet fly by!

Comet has one of those amazing personalities. He's a confident, up-front kind of guy who immediately comes up and introduces himself.  He seems to be oblivious that he's so handsome and unique-looking. His markings include blue patches of fur that create cool shapes on his back.  Comet's face looks like it's been painted!

Comet was previously declawed, so it's especially imperative that he always stays indoors where he'll be safe.  He seems to get along well with his roommate and would likely adjust fine to a home with another cat.  This photo, actually, was taken when Comet was concerned about a little kitten meowing next door (the kitty was a bit lonely because her sister had just been adopted, but she went home moments later, so no worries!). Still, Comet stood up on his hind legs to make sure she was okay!

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ADOPTED! Sweetheart Shepherd

Bongo never pounds on the drums or makes much noise, except for the occasional squeal of delight when you allow him to climb onto your lap for a intensive belly rub session!  It's surprising that this stunning Australian Shepherd mix is only 7 months old, because he has a rather mature disposition.  He's thoughtful, kind and always polite with strangers. He's curious but cautious in his explorations around our neighborhood and doesn't pull hard on the leash or jump up on strangers.  Bongo always delights in returning to his suite for a cuddling session afterwards, too!

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Top tourism events

News you can use, Tourism

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has compiled a list of Wisconsin’s top events at state historic sites from May through December.

Here’s the list.

Doyle promises to revive the hospital tax

The Capital Times is reporting Governor Doyle will bring back the hospital tax. The governor proposed the tax as part of the budget repair bill, but the tax was removed during budget deliberations by a conference committee.

I oppose the hospital tax.

Here is the Capital Times story.

Library Staff Member Wins State-wide Poetry Prize

Greenfield, WI—May 9, 2008—Last month Dennis, a Greenfield Public Library staff member, was awarded Second Place in the 2008 Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP) Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry for his poem “wisconsin places.”  Dennis was awarded a $100 prize at the WFOP Spring Conference in Madison on April 26th.

According to Susan Kileen, co-chair of the WFOP Literary Fund Committee, there were 162 entries to the Muse contest. The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets is a non-profit, state-wide organization with a 58 year history of promoting poetry. The annual Muse Prize contest is open to all Wisconsin residents and is funded by an endowment set up by the Fellowship to recognize and reward poets.

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In the crowd at the McCain event

Greendale -- Among the officials in attendance at Repubican John McCain's town hall meeting: Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker; state GOP chairman Rience Priebus, state Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) and state Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale).

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) is to participate in the event. Greendale is part of his district.

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Clue #1 - Summer Medallion Quest

Medallion Quest, Parks

The Parks & Recreation Department's annual Medallion Quest begins today for the 2008 contest.  The symbol needed for our scientist to complete the equation of mixtures of fun, sun, and a pinch of play is found on a medallion hidden in a City of Greenfield park.  Contest is only open to City of Greenfield residents.  Clues will be published here on Thursdays with the quest ending at 12 Noon on Thursday, June 26th or until the medallion is redeemed.  Click here to view the official rules and prize package for this year's contest.  You can also find information for this year's contest on page 5 of the Summer Recreator.  You could be the winner of a fabulous prize package consisting of resort accommodations for two nights at the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Resort in Wisconsin Dells, four admissions to Six Flags Great America & Hurricane Harbor, a $20 dinner gift certificate, plus the opportunity to participate in Greenfield's 4th of July parade if you redeem the medallion.  Good luck to all!

Clue #1 - May 29, 2008
Summer's here - the weather's warm;
Time for the annual "Quest".
There's mulitple sur"prizes" for
the scientist who does the best!

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Your Home and Travelers' First Aid Kits

That time of year has come when the families begin to go outdoors for graduation and back yard parties, picnics, and planning those trips.  Here are some suggestions on First Aid Kits for your home and travel.

Your Home First Aid Kit

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