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Looking for a puppy?


UPDATE: These four have been adopted, but keep checking the site.  We are closed on Mondays, but check back every day to see the new pups available for adoption.

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Book Clubs

Did you know that the Greenfield Public Library has not just one, but TWO book clubs for your enjoyment?  In addition to the widely popular adult book club that meets the second Wednesday of every month, there is also a lesser known book club for teens.  The teen book club meets one Tuesday evening a month to discuss great books and enjoy a variety of delicious snacks.  For more information, check out our website.  All teens are welcome.

I'm a guest of Mike Gousha's

Mary in the media

I will be a guest this Sunday morning on Channel 12’s Up Front with Mike Gousha.

We will discuss the state Supreme Court race and calls for reforming judicial campaigns.

You can see Up Front with Mike Gousha this Sunday morning on Channel 12 at 9:00 a.m.

Volunteer to Assist in Removing Invasive Weeds from Our Parks


“Citizen Stewardship of Our Milwaukee County Parks”.  That’s our mission statement; a nice concise phrase packing a lot of meaning in a few words. Stewardship means different things to different people, but one meaning is maintaining the health of our neighborhood parks - something that can not be accomplished by our dedicated park workers alone. That’s where you come in!

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Wisconsin now has an official tartan

Governor Doyle has signed legislation that creates the official state tartan. I was the lead Senate sponsor of the legislation.

Take a look.  The story behind the tartan is quite interesting.

Governor quietly drops cost-savings program, audit planned


The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that last year, Governor Doyle’s administration “quietly dropped” the Accountability, Consolidation and Efficiency, or ACE initiative. The administration promoted ACE, promising a savings to the state of $200 million over four years by determining more effective ways to make state purchases.

My colleague, state Senator Rob Cowles of Green Bay has asked for an audit of ACE. Cowles is correct that during a time of a $650 million dollar revenue shortfall, the state must take every step it can to ensure funding is being spent appropriately and effectively.

Read the Wisconsin State Journal article.

States look to Venezuela for energy assistance

Wisconsin is one of 15 states to accept free heating oil from Venezuela to help low-income families heat their homes this past winter.

Some states refuse to participate because of America’s political differences with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. has the details.

ADOPTED! Furry Olympian Seeking Coach

Meet Mae.  She's the kind of girl willing to throw all caution against the wind and propel herself through the air, across the room and into unknown territory simply to catch that sneaky catnip mouse.  Mae is also a very lovely feline with round emerald eyes and a dense tiger-striped coat.  She's a healthy weight and maintains her figure by practicing gymnastics. 

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UPDATE! Adopted...Yellow Dog, Heart of Gold

Mario met his match and went home last weekend with a great family!

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Is the hospital tax dead?



I certainly hope so.

The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting Democrats might be ready to drop their proposed hospital tax as one of the provisions to fix the state’s $652.3 million revenue shortfall. 

I am on record opposing any tax increase that is part of the budget repair bill.


Courteous Drivers

I recently received an e-mail from Matt asking about the proper protocol for proceding through a four way intersection which is controlled by stop signs.  The question specifically asks if more than one vehicle is at the intersection at approximately the same time, who gets to go first?  According to state statute 346.18 the vehicle to the left needs to yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right.  I'm sure Matt is now envisioning this scenario and looking at his hands trying to figure out who gets to go first!

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Take me out to the ball game...

Before the Braves baseball team deserted Milwaukee in 1965, I was lucky as a boy to see some of the game's greats in action at County Stadium. Besides home team favorites like Henry Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Joe Adcock and Lew Burdette, National Leaguers like Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Ernie Banks, Bob Gibson and so many more made regular visits. Before the designated hitter, fake home runs, and closers, it was a great era when starting pitchers more often than not pitched complete or near complete games. In June, 1962 I was in attendance when baseball's two greatest left-handed pitchers squared off. I refer to Milwaukee Brave Warren Spahn and Los Angeles Dodger Sandy Koufax. In her book, Sandy Koufax: A Lefy's Legacy, author Jane Leavy recounts that game amongst many. Koufax is a charismatic, enigmatic man. Born in 1935 in Brooklyn, then home of the Dodgers, he was the most dominant pitcher of the early 60's, with an unmistakable style, and a fastball feared by all hitters. Together with the big right-hander Don Drysdale, they comprised an unparalleled one-two hurling punch. They were pivotal in the effort of players to gain salary bargaining freedom. Koufax's no-hitters, Cy Young and MVP awards,his famous refusal to pitch game one of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur, his retirement because of arthritis at age 30 after his best season ever; they're all here, and more, told with deserved affection for a great ballplayer, an exemplary human being. They just don't make 'em like that anymore. This biography can also be enjoyed by non-baseball fans and right-handed readers. Ask for Greenfield Library nonfiction call number BIO Koufax, Sandy. Play ball! --shelver dennis

Smoking and Home Fires

How you can prevent home fires caused by smoking.

Fires caused by cigarettes often start on or next to the victim-in bed, on a sofa, or in the trash-this is tragic, because the fires could have easily been prevented.

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Register NOW for Summer Playgrounds

Greenfield SD facilities, Konkel Park, Playgrounds, Whitnall SD facilities

The Greenfield Parks & Recreation Summer Playgrounds provide group activities for children in a safe, supervised environment at local schools and parks.

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Whitnall High School Pool Still Closed

Aquatics, Fitness, Whitnall SD facilities

From Renee Vanselow, Recreation Supervisor

This message is for parents and participants enrolled in Learn to Swim Programs and Water Fitness classes at the Whitnall High School Pool.

The repairs to the Pool are taking longer than originally planned.   At this point, it is anticipated we will be able to resume classes starting on Thursday, May 1st.

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ADOPTED! Amelia the Gentle Giant

You may not be able to tell from her photos, but Amelia is nearly 100 lbs... of pure love!  She's what dog people call a "leaner," a dog who loves to brush up against you and lean into your body, wanting to be as close to you as possible.  Amelia loves to be cuddled, brushed, nuzzled and given belly rubs.  At 3.5 years old, this Labrador Retriever/American Pit Bull Terrier prefers praise over toys and slow walks over triathalons.  She likes to play with the occasional plush toy but isn't very fond of fetching or aerobic exercise. 

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