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Tuesday at the Capitol

budget, legislation

A judge issued a restraining order requiring state officials to open the Capitol to the public.

Judge Daniel Moeser said the Capitol must remain open during normal business hours and at the time “governmental matters, such as hearings, listening sessions, or court arguments are being conducted.” People have been camping out in the Capitol since February 14. Police were trying to clear the building for cleaning purposes and to maintain normal business hours.

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Are we in ancient Rome?

I thought I lived in the Wisconsin, a state within the United States of America, where democracy, the majority, and discussions were held to do what is in the best interest of the masses. By definition, Wisconsin is becoming a dictatorship,A government controlled by one person, or a small group of people. In this form of government the power rests entirely on the person or group of people, and can be obtained by force or by inheritance. The dictator(s) may also take away much of its peoples' freedom.”  (

The English thesaurus parallels a democracy to equality, consensus, and fairness. None of these words represent the self-interest guided politics ruling our state today. The leadership is the epitome of everything indecent in a politician. Governor Walker is talking out of the upper and lower portions of his body within every, spoken communication. His budget address on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 contains dialogue “tugging at the heartstrings” of Wisconsinites by referencing how important education is for our young children, That’s why my budget creates a third grade reading initiative that will require all third graders to achieve basic literacy. I know we can do this and we owe it to our students to make sure we do.” Did anyone hear / read what was said in BRIEF just beforehand, “That is why -- even as we reduce school aids…” How will his “third grade reading initiative” be implemented / successful, when teachers will be cut from the schools, class sizes will increase, and the attention the students need will decrease? Seriously…how stupid do you think we are! Any time you cut aid to schools, the quality of education diminishes, and the CHILDREN SUFFER the “dire consequences.”

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The Cost of Love

Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals, indoor cats, feline veterinary, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It doubled my debt in a matter of days. It made me reminisce about the last 14 years of my life. It resulted in a mass spoiling of all three of my furry children. It was the week we spent $4,000 at the kitty ER saving one of our kids.

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Priorities...Are we sure we have them in the proper order?

I have to step aside from the hubbub of campaigns, the discouragement of what is going on in our state overall, and share with everyone who will listen (read), a priority we should all place in our top five.

I am sure we have all listened to or watch the media spend many minutes and hours in the past week on the 24 year old, Lindsay Lohan's, drug addiction saga / Charlie Sheen...blah...blah...blah, because they are celebrities.

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Districts converge in Greenfield to discuss cuts

Hundreds of parents, teachers and school supporters packed the School District of Greenfield administrative building Saturday afternoon to discuss how Gov. Scott Walker's $834 million cut to K-12 education spending is likely to impact southeastern Wisconsin's school districts.

A roll call revealed supporters from at least 25 districts from around Milwaukee and Waukesha counties and beyond.

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Guilty as charged.. Part Deux!

I recently described my experience regarding being a “yes” mom.  It was a moment of learning and inspiration, hopefully for more than just myself.  

A few more thoughts have run through my mind since the initial taking away of my vehicle.  I have also shared my story with many others, most of whom have their own types of “horror” stories as well. 

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Follow teams at the Al McGuire Center

Follow JR Radcliffe of and NOW Newspapers as he provides live courtside commentary from this weekend's WIAA playoff basketball action at the Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee.

Among the teams in action: Wauwatosa West, Whitefish Bay and Whitnall on Thursday, Germantown on Friday, and possibly Dominican and the aforementioned in Saturday's sectional finals.

City Planners Concerned about Signs?

street signs, road signs, pole signs, City of West Allis

Maybe it's just me.

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Whitnall downed in sectional semifinal

Whitnall never quite got back to even in the second half against Wisconsin Lutheran on Thursday night and fell in the WIAA Division 2 sectional semifinal at the Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee, 57-47.

The Falcons (17-8) took an 18-16 lead on the heels of a 7-0 run late in the second quarter, but the Vikings scored 14 of the game's next 17 points to take a 30-21 lead. Stephen Pelkofer scored all but one of his 13 points in the second half, but the Vikings marched on to meet Whitefish Bay in Saturday's sectional final.

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A non-typical type of situation...

If marriage is so promising, then why does it fail 50% of the time?

Who ever came up with the idea of TWO months of salary for an engagement ring?  

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Book Discussion Group

Book Discussion

Date: Wednesday, April 13th
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Location:  Greenfield Public Library Community Room

BOOK INFORMATION: The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver
"The story of Harrison William Shepherd, a man caught between two worlds -- Mexico and the United States in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s -- and whose search for identity takes readers to the heart of the twentieth century's most tumultuous events."

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Spring Cleaning

garden, plants, yard, spring, bulb, perennial

As the days get warmer I am compelled to get outside and start looking at my flower beds.  We moved to this house in late November, so I have no idea what spring flowers may pop up, and what perennials will emerge soon.  I did a walk around the last few days to see if I can see some bulbs popping up, and I did notice a few, but there were some obvious empty places still.  Friends that live in the Waukesha area have told me that their spring flowers are already up and blooming!  

While I really want to start clearing away the dead leaves and branches from fall's dieback, I know that it is still too early.  Southeastern Wisconsin can have overnight frosts through early May, although that doesn't happen often. I remember more than a few ice storms in April though, so I resist the urge to clear the flower beds of their protective layer of plant debris.

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Workplace Bullies

Throughout my 20 plus years in the workplace, I have encountered more than one bully. I have always dealt differently with each one because each is twisted in a different sort of way.

I have used my own experience to become very effective with each and every one.  At times, it’s a hands off approach, with others, being uniquely one step ahead always seems to curve their appetite for destruction.

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Judge rules against Greenfield in school zone gun case

A federal judge has denied efforts by the city of Greenfield to be dismissed from a lawsuit over the legality of enforcing Wisconsin's ban on firearms within 1,000 feet of a school.

A gun rights advocacy group, and several gun owners, filed the lawsuit last year. One of the plaintiffs, Greg Plautz, had tried to hold an open carry picnic at his Greenfield home in May 2009 but was warned by the chief of police that anyone wearing their gun would be subject to arrest because Pautz's home was 50 feet from a school.

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What's in a Color?

garden, plants, yard, landscape, design

I've found that landscapers first pay a lot of attention to solving functional needs, creating the hardscapes and paths, and picking plants to cover or focus on an area.  These are important things that need to be planned, but it seems that color ends up being the last consideration.  When someone asks me for help to design their yard, one of the first things I ask them are what colors do they like and dislike.  When you sit down in your backyard to relax, what do you want to look at?  If you hate yellow and you have a yard filled with Stella D'Oro daylillies, it would be a bit upsetting.  That is why I make sure that color is part of the plan from the beginning.

Everyone has color preferences. A famous color authority once said, "Color is the one experience in life that requires no conscious struggle of the intellect to appreciate." - Faber Birren

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Groupon Groupie


Before I address my infatuation with Groupon, there's a little something I need to get off my chest. Am I the only one who is annoyed that our WEST ALLIS blogs come up under GREENFIELD? What is that all about? 


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Gardening Ideas and Advice

design, garden, home, landscape, perennial, plants, yard

Check out this Saturday morning Gardening Radio show:

Plus this week is the Realtors Home and Garden Show at the Wisconsin State Fair grounds throgh April 3rd:

Boucher VW Done Good

After having taken our VW Jetta to Boucher numerous times to get the same problem fixed, the last time we took it in, my husband told them not to give it back to us until it was fixed.  They  had it approximately one month.  Although we were frustrated at times, as was the service department at the dealership because at first they could not figure out what was wrong, they eventually bent over backwards for us and it appears that now the car is finally fixed and we are enjoying driving it once again.  We are very pleased that they did fix it and put quite a few new parts into the engine.  They even spiffed up the inside and outside by cleaning the vehicle for us before we got it back.   As I said, they had given us a very nice free loaner for the entire time,  In addition, we got approximately 1/2 refunded to us of what we had put into the car.  Bottom line, a lot was done for a small amount.  Customer Satisfaction was the final result.  We did not have to sue under the Lemon Law, which would have cost us and the dealership additional money that, in the long run, was not necessary.  

I'm still a bit frustrated with the comment the General Manager made  "we'll give you the $1,200 back but won't fix the car or "we'll fix the car and not give you the $1,200 back".  Before he made such a comment, he should have made sure he had his facts right.  The problem was a result of improper parts that were replaced due to a recall late last year.  

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An individual from my past recently told me they “knew things about me” regarding mistakes, secrets and such.  This type of statement is meant to gain control and instill shame.  It is at this exact point where you can buckle under pressure or score a touchdown.  I chose the latter. 

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Getting Ready to Garden

gardening, book list

The bulbs are coming up, despite the Lake effect snow. Are we ready? The Library has information from root to blossom.

Front Yard Gardens: Growing More than Grass by Liz Primeau. 2003.
If you are thinking of replacing all or part of your lawn with a flowering landscape, this book is your resource. Primeau offers plans, photos and tips for several kinds of intriguing, inviting gardens.

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