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Silica Sand Mining Report Released

At my town hall meetings January 26, 2012, there were questions about Silica Sand Mining also known as Frac Sand Mining. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released a report this week about Frac Sand Mining including information about the mining process, environmental implications, and government regulations. Here is a link to the report:

Governor's Weekly Radio Address

Governor Scott Walker’s weekly radio address is about turning Wisconsin around.  The full transcript of the address is below.  To listen to the address, click here.

Hi, this is Scott Walker.

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Super time for a new blog posting

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For the past three seasons, I have offered my Super Bowl picks, and over those years my record is 5-2 (nailing the over/under in all three of them).  Why wreck a good thing?  So I'm going to give it a go for the fourth year in a row.

  • New England Patriots - Not a lot ot be said of the Patriots that hasn't been said ad nauseum (but I'll say something anyway, cuz that's how I roll...) In the last 11 seasons, the Patriots are 134-42.  They don't do anything special except win.  The Nattily-clad Bill Belichick is a bit of a standoff-ish but possibly brilliant cheater.  This season, they won 13 games with no discernible defense, and a Tight End that was more wide receiver than their resident loudmouth.  But they are so good.
  • New York Giants - These guys strike me as a group of guys that play when motivated.  This isn't necessarily a good thing... except when they are motivated.  They overlooked the Seahawks in an October home game (which was the same week that I had heard a stat that west coast teams flying east across three time zones for a 1:00 Eastern time start were - no foolin' - 4-21 over the previous three seasons).  Then after a now-typical Tony Romo air ball in the clutch late in the season in Dallas, they needed one more win to clinch and they lost - at home again - to the miserable Redskins.  On the last day of the season, they needed to beat the hapless Cowboys again and make the playoffs. The Giants didn't win the playoff game in Green Bay as much as the Packers lost it, and they may still be playing in San Francisco if Dropsy Williams hadn't been in the game replacing the injured Ted Ginn).  Which team is going to show up?

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What I think about....

I am taking a break from the norm.  Call it a brain freeze, a stupifying of the mind. 

Every single day I post different phrases and encouragements for friends and family.  Thoughts or ideas, that come to mind as I read or listen to the struggles of everyone around me. 

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More Fraud In FoodShare


Nearly $33 million in Wisconsin FoodShare benefits were spent in other states during fiscal year 2010-11, according to an audit released today by the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau, including purchases in all 50 states and three U.S. territories.

There may be reasons for FoodShare benefits used in another state. In some cases, the nearest grocery store may be in another state. Purchases at the U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, Guam, New York, and California raise fraud red flags. For much of Jim Doyle’s time as governor, there was little effort to unearth fraud or overpayments within the FoodShare program. During fiscal year 2006-07 the state Department of Health Services recovered just $1,920 in FoodShare overpayments. In fiscal year 2010-11, the number jumped to more than $400,000. Clearly, there is fraud in the system and it can be corrected.

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Park View Middle School of Mukwonago Needs Your Help

Mukwonago Park View Middle School is one of four finalists in the National Football Leagues "Fuel Up to Play 60" video contest. Visit to vote for the Park View student chef team, known as the Triple Threat Chefs. The Triple Thread Chefs are listed as option number three on the website. The contest ends tonight at 11:55 PM

E-update from the Desk of Governor Scott Walker

Below is Governor Walker's E-Update.

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Public School Open Enrollment Time Has Begun

The 2012-13 Wisconsin Public School Open Enrollment application period begins today and continues through April 30, 2012. Wisconsin's Open Enrollment Program allows parents to apply for their child to attend school at any Wisconsin school district. The application must be approved by the child's home school district and the district the parent is applying.

The open enrollment application period is extended this year. Thanks to 2011 Wisconsin Act 114 the open enrollment period is expanded from three weeks to 12 weeks. Here is link to the Department of Public Instructions website with access to an application and information about Wisconsin's open enrollment program:

Connecture To Add 100 Jobs To Waukesha

Citizen Police Academy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Police Officer?  Well now is your chance to find out.  The Greenfield Police Department is again sponsoring a Citizen Police Academy. 

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Don't be Scammed

We have recently investigated burglaries that begin by scamming elderly residents.  The scam begins with two males coming to the door of an elderly resident and informing them that they are there fixing a neighbor's roof.  One of the males distracts the elderly resident by asking for a bucket of water while, the other subject is looking through the home and stealing valuables.   If you are a Greenfield resident and something similar to this has happened, please contact the Greenfield Police Department at (414) 761-5300.

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Be Careful When Salting in the Winter – What it Does to Your Yard

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Winter in Wisconsin – of course we need to use salt to melt dangerous ice - but salting can be very damaging to many landscape plants and grasses, so please be careful with how much you salt your walks and driveways. Additionally, we can’t control how much salt is applied in the street that sprays up onto your yards. Here’s some good techniques (from the Steins Gardening Calendar) to help avoid plant damage: 

“Apply deicing compounds down the middle of walks and drives, avoiding the grass.  Use a deicing compound such as ‘Ice No Mor’ ice melt which contains AMC, the catalyst that ignites ice melting power, and calcium chloride for fast melting action.  It is safe for both concrete and surrounding vegetation when used as directed and is even dyed blue for easy application and increased visibility.  It works so fast it doesn’t leave a chalky residue to track indoors, which can potentially cause damage to carpets and flooring.  Always read and follow label directions.   

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Today I could feel her presence all around me - very strong, just like her. Today was the time to share my last days with her. She was my "breakfast club."

I went to see Grandmother this morning, not knowing what to expect when I saw her. I had not been to see her for a couple weeks. Seeing her every day started to wear on my emotions, and I started getting depressed / out of sorts. In addition, I developed an unknown rash on my face, which needed attention, to make sure it was not contagious. It was difficult getting the motivation to go into the unknown, yet I knew I had to, because she had always been there for me, not matter what the circumstances.

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The Milwaukee Wave are heading towards the playoffs

Milwaukee Wave, MISL, Soccer

It could easily be said that this year's Milwaukee Wave is having the best year in its 28th season of indoor soccer.  Their current record is 16-2 for an .887 winning percentage, which is significantly higher than their current record high percentage of .773 (done with a 34-10 record in a much longer 2001-02 season).

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 There will be times in the future where we should vote.  We must vote based upon the facts we know to be true and that have helped us to decide on what or who to vote for.  I am not going to get into my political views because that's my business.  I know where I stand and why.  I have taken into account what the past was like and where our future is headed and I will make my decisions based upon that and other factors.  I have had enough of political advertisements already.  I have learned to walk away from someone who has different, strong political views than I do and who want to try to start an argument - not worth getting into an argument.  We all have our points of view and reasons for them.  I don't judge others on how they vote as I don't want them to do the same with me.  Time will tell as to what the votes will lead to.  

Again, IT IS very important to vote.  Vote based upon knowledge, not emotions.

On the road again!

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For the first time since 2008, the USBC Open Championships ("Nationals", for short) will not be held in Nevada.  This year, the bowling tournament will be held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the first time since 2005.

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Mardi Gras is complete

Catholic church, My-Sugar-Na, Vacation, New Orleans

This is not your complete trip report.  That will be in a few days after I actually complete my trip to Louisiana. However, a buddy of mine made a comment to a post I made on my Facebook page along the way that has me a little complentative.  He made a snide comment (which us guys do) to which I responded that he was jealous.  He said he wasn't, but that he was saving money. 

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What To Do About Spring Bulbs Popping Up Early

bulb, flower, garden, landscape, plant, prevention, protect, rose, spring, winter, yard, bloom

With all this warm weather lately, the plants think Spring is almost here!  I noticed buds on trees that are easily seen as I drive by, tulips are trying to poke through the ground, and my parsley is still green and growing in the back yard! 

I gotten a few questions from friends about what to do so that they can save their tulips from dying.  Let me assure you, for the most part, any plant that was hardy enough to tough it out over winter and is starting to grow now will not die when we get another freeze.  The bad news is that in Wisconsin we may still get freezing weather through April.  Some years are worse than others, but if we do get a hard freeze, those portions of plants that are green and growing may get frozen and wither and die off.  All this means is that any flowers it was trying to produce probably won't bloom.  New leaves may drop off.  The plant will have to start over, getting a slow start for Spring.  Spring blooming plants will probably skip the blooming and put their energy into growing leaves and roots instead, and bulbs will just pack it in and go back to sleep until next spring. 

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What Does It Mean To Have "Class"

 My father told me many, many years ago that eventually, there will only be two classes:  Upper and Lower - the middle class will be extinct.  That we know............however, this blog isn't about this, even though it appears he was "right on".

When I was younger, I used to think that if someone had "Class", that meant they wore expensive clothes, lived in a big, expensive, beautiful home and drove an expensive vehicle.  

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USDA Unveils NEW Plant Hardiness Zone Map

annual, biodiversity, education, garden, plant, planning, spring, wisconsin, winter

Great News!  After 20 years, the USDA has updated the Plant Hardiness Zones!  Beware, our Zone 4 (or 5 depending on where you live) has now become Zone 5b (-15 to -10F).  The new 13 zone map has been brought into the internet age with GIS-based interactive maps and more accurate zones that take into consideration things like elevation, terrain, and closeness to bodies of water.  Using a 30 year timespan (unlike the 1990 version that used a 13 yr span), many more weather stations, and expert input from the climatic and horticultural community, the map is much more accurate than it was plus it shows a 5 degree increase (warmer) overall for the US. 

Zone 5b's limits go just west of Waukesha, where it becomes 5a (colder!). Plant hardiness zone designations represent the average annual extreme minimum temperatures at a given location during a particular time period - emphasis on average.  They do not represent the lowest temperatures that can happen. 

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