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2008 "Keep the Wreath Green"

The 2008 "Keep the Wreath Green" campaign has come to an end.  The final count was 44 Green and 6 Red Lights.  These numbers are 3 higher than last years totals (47 Green & 3 Red.)  Again, our goal is to "Keep the Wreath Green" and promote fire safety throughout the holiday season. 

 In 2009 we will attempt to have NO red lights on the wreath, we can do this by continuing to practice fire safety. 

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The government wants to regulate your TV

Last year, state Senator Mary Lazich blogged that the government is going to regulate your lawnmower.

You can add “television” to the list.

FREE Try-It Fitness Week 2009


Happy New Year!

Just a reminder, see page 5 of the Winter/Spring 009 Recreator ..{F56DBE49-58E7-4C21-88F0-4EFFA56D0749} TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT Would you like to improve your health, feel stronger, and have more energy?  You know that exercise is the answer but wonder what class is right for you?   For one week, you may come to any adult land or water fitness class noted “FREE TRY IT DAY” and without having to register in advance .. give it a try.  Try one class .. Try several .. to find out what type of class is right for you.  If you are already a participant, either come to try out a different class or enjoy your current class at no cost for this special week!  Prior registration is not necessary, just show up and sign in! 
  • Adult Land Fitness classes … January 12 – 16 .. see pages 5 -7 
  • Adult Land Fitness classes .. January 20 & 22 .. see page 8

If the weather is questionable, please call our 24 hour information line at 414.297.9008 then press 1 to check on the status of classes.

Hope you will give it a try!!

YAY! ADOPTED! Peaches will keep you warm!

Got room on the couch for a cuddler like Peaches? She'll keep you warm at night and return your love tenfold.

She's a real Wisconsin peach! Miss Peaches is a Beagle who knows what she wants. Tummy rubs. And lots of 'em! This affectionate 3-year-old gazes adoringly into your eyes when you give her any attention, but she sighs with joy when her tummy gets a good scratch.

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Curious George Visits the Library

Curious George Visits the Library by Margret and H.A Rey is a children's Easy Book (E Rey) which is close to my heart. In this story, the good and always curious monkey visits the public library for children's story hour with his friend, the man with the yellow hat. After several stories, George leaves to search on his own for other books, amassing quite a stack. He does create a bit of a disturbance in the process, including making off at high speed with a shelving cart. (Let me interject here that we discourage this sort of behavior by monkeys or humans at the Greenfield Public Library). After the mess is cleaned up by a volunteer and some children, a circulation clerk helps George get his very own library card. So, George and the man with the yellow hat each leave with a fine selection of books to read and enjoy. I love happy endings. Don't you?


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Dogs Invited to Admirals game for WHS

Dog Day Afternoon on Ice

Bring your dog to an Admirals game on Sunday, February 15.   For every ticket sold, the Admirals donate a portion to WHS for this very special game. To purchase tickets for adults, kids and dogs, call John at (414) 227-0829. Tickets for dogs are only $2.00!  You must mention the secret password, "humane," to get these special tickets.To register online, write down these passwords and click on this link:

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Supermodel Starlight

Brighten your winter nights with a superstar bunny like this strikingly pretty rabbit named Starlight. She's wishing on her favorite stars for a new home with a great family. Starlight is so gorgeous that she could walk the red carpet and leave a crowd of admirers in her wake. She's a 5.5-year-old Silver Marten/Dwarf mix sprinkled with silvery patches of soft fur that accentuate her best features, including her tapered paws and wiggly little nose.

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ADOPTED! Sophia's Video Debut

The folks at WHS just had to share this video of a sweet, playful, gorgeous black Labrador Retriever named Sophia.  Check out her video debut here:

This is Sophia:

Learn cool dog tricks

Looking for a good way to spend quality time with your dog and impress your friends? Learn how to elicit desired tricks and behaviors from your dog by participating in Clever Canine Tricks class, held Wednesday, February 25, 2009 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.  at the Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. This class is a great introduction on how dogs learn and will expand your dog’s training foundation using reward-based methods. You will learn how to capture, lure and shape a variety of behaviors. The cost to attend four-week class is only $60.  To register, sign up online or call (414) 431-6156.

WHS Welcomes Dr. Patricia McConnell

Patricia McConnell Lecture - The Emotional Life of Animals
Milwaukee Public Library's Centennial Hall, Thursday, March 19, 7-8:30pm 

Join the Wisconsin Humane Society in inviting Dr. Patricia McConnell, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and noted author for this informative and entertaining evening lecture at the Milwaukee Public Library’s Centennial Hall. Dr. McConnell has hosted “Calling all Pets” on Wisconsin Public Radio for fourteen years, providing her intuitive and expert advice to animal-loving listeners. Now, it’s your turn to see Dr. McConnell in person!!!

The Emotional Life of Animals
Ever looked at your animal and wondered how much of her emotional life is like your own?  Learn the biology behind emotion in both you and your companion animal, and why it’s reasonable to believe that all mammals share the emotions of love, fear, sadness, happiness and anger. This entertaining and informative presentation includes slides and videos that illustrate what emotions really are, what emotions we share with our animals, and what ones we might not. Included is practical information about how to handle problematic emotions like fear and anger. The evening ends in a celebration of the amazing emotional bond between us and our beloved pets. The fee for this lecture is $15. Dr. McConnell will be signing books and DVDs after the lecture. REGISTER HERE!

Meet us at the Pet Expo

Tickets are now on sale at the Wisconsin Humane Society for the Great Lakes Pet Expo. Come visit animals and volunteers from the Wisconsin Humane Society at the Expo, being held at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park in West Allis on Saturday, January 31 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

The Great Lakes Pet Expo will showcase hundreds of exhibits featuring cool products, live demonstrations and a parade of adoptable animals. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children under 8 years old. It’s a great way to have winter fun from the comfort of the indoors! Tickets can be purchased at the door, too.

I'm on WISN

Mary in the media

I will discuss Governor Doyle’s State of the State address Thursday morning at 6:40 on Newstalk 1130 WISN with Jay Weber.

Great news for Senate District 28

Business, Good news from Senate District 28

I am thrilled to hear the wonderful news that United Heartland will build a new national headquarters in New Berlin and create 300 new jobs.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has details. 

Congratulations to United Heartland and New Berlin!

Appleton Post Crescent calls Doyle on flip flop

Recently, my boss, state Senator Mary Lazich wrote about Jim Doyle's change of heart on gas tax indexing.

The Appleton paper does the same.

Poor Economy Causes Families to Surrender Injured Puppies


You don’t have to look any further than the ICU at the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) for signs of a distressed economy. Just this week, three puppies with broken legs were surrendered to the shelter because the families couldn’t afford proper veterinary care.  As the economy worsens, WHS officials expect to see more cases of surrenders due to financial woes.

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ADOPTED! Great Pyrenees Gives Great Hugs

Meet Huggie, who is aptly named. Cuddly, lovable and huggable, this sweet 3-year-old Great Pyrenees mix will bring joy to his new family every single day. He's got a smile that lights up a room and a spirit that will wash away the winter blues. He's very focused and quite motivated by treats, so he'll be a great student, too. Do you have room in your house and heart for Huggie?  Click here to learn more about him!

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