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Safer Home Heating

With the weather turning colder people are turning on space heaters to keep warm.  It happens every winter.  A fire starts when the resident puts the heater too close to the bed, drapes, furniture and other combustible household items.  Sometimes the fire starts because the heater is left on all night or the appliance tips over.

Supplemental heating equipment is the leading cause of home fires during the cold weather.  If you plan to use space heaters to help heat your home this winter, use extreme caution.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) supplemental heating equipment, such as electrical and kerosene heaters is the leading cause of home fires during the months of December, January, and February and trails only cooking equipment as the leading cause of home fires year-round.  The two hazards of most concern are fires and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

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A Repeat Of History?

In 1937 the City of Milwaukee ceded their parks to Milwaukee County because of financial problems.  The thought then was to spread the cost of building and operating parks to a broader tax base.  This consolidation of City and County parks worked very well as the tax base of the County was growing exponentially.  Unfortunately, our parks today are suffering the same malady that lead to the consolidation. 

To put the current financial problems of our parks in historical perspective it is helpful to understand how our present system of parks was created.

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A Golden Opportunity

In my 10 years of service as a Police Officer I have heard many citizens question the behavior of police officers.  Examples of this are, "I told the officer I was sorry and offered to shake his hand.  He refused to shake my hand.  How inconsiderate!" or,  "I got out of my car like he asked and it was cold outside.  I put my hands in my pockets and he kept telling me I had to keep my hands out of my pockets.  I think he just wanted me to be cold!"  These and many other actions by the police may seem inconsiderate and impolite on the surface but officers respond in this manner based on their training and experiences as Law Enforcement Officers.

To help the citizens of Greenfield and people who are employed in the city of Greenfield better understand the "how's and why" of law enforcement, the Greenfield Police Department is offering a Citizen's Academy.  This is a 9 week program that will give participants a first hand view of our department.  A wide variety of topics will be discussed, from an introduction to the police department to understanding patrol procedures, state statutes and traffic law, officer survival and use of force, criminal investigation, evidence collection, crime prevention, and police officer requirements to mention a few.

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Saving Sweet-Tempered Pit Bulls

A very special conference, Saving the Sweet-Tempered Pit Bull, will be held on Saturday, March 15 from 9:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC), 3839 West Burnham Street in West Milwaukee.  The event includes speakers, demonstrations and innovative programs from nationally recognized groups that have extensive experience helping Pit Bulls and building safe communities.  The goal is to raise awareness about Pit Bulls, encourage people to foster and ultimately, adopt more sweet-natured Pit Bulls.   Sponsors of the event include MADACC, the Wisconsin Humane Society, ASPCA, Central Bark and McCabe Group Insurance Services.

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Blogging, State

State Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin), who holds a partisan political office, has a regular blog on NOW called ‚ÄúConservatively Speaking‚ÄĚ.

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Parks & Recreation Staff Honored At Annual Banquet

P&R Office

Award honorees pictured from left to right.  Front row:  Maureen Eaton and Mike Doonan of Dan Jansen Family Fest, Michelle Heinze, daughter of Joan Stevens, Beverly Myers, and Jim Patterson and sister of Solid Gold McDonald's.  Back row:  Kathy Doonan of Dan Jansen Family Fest, Kyle Malin, Steve Krukowski, Rick Eaton of Dan Jansen Family Fest, Stephanie Wolfgang, Mark Hochschild of Greenfield DPW, Jennifer Dykes, Jim Lubner of U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary, and Marceile Mueller.

The Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department hosted the 17th annual Staff Recognition and Hall of Fame banquet on Saturday, February 9th at Carl's Catering.  About 60 people braved the cold and blowing snow to be in attendance to celebrate with those being recognized for their contributions to the Department.  The theme to this year's banquet is the "Road To Success."  Those staff members, volunteers, and organizations included in "the winner's circle" are listed below. 

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Pay your fines online!

We have great news to all library users who owe fines.  You can now pay your fines (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) online with a MasterCard or Visa check/credit card from home computer or at the library.  Just go to CountyCat and login with your library card or use the library's designated computer located next to the circulation desk.  It is easy and safe because no credit card information is stored on the CountyCat server.  Your fine will immediately be removed from your record, enabling you to place holds, check out materials, or use library computers.  Any questions?  Just ask one of our helpful staff members for assistance. 

ADOPTED! Jake's valentine's wish comes true...

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New studies pan ethanol


A bill mandating the use of ethanol in gasoline is still pending before the state Senate. I have stated the jury is still out on the benefits of ethanol. There are too many unknowns. We are unsure ethanol will cost less, we are unsure ethanol will be more fuel-efficient, and we are unsure ethanol will be good for the environment.

New studies have just been released indicating bio-fuels like ethanol can damage the environment, and even lead to global warming.

Here are the details from ABC News.

ADOPTED! Abused Kitten Gets 2nd Chance


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ADOPTED Pair! Got room for two?


Thanks to a very loving guardian, Sammy and Adrian are still together - in their new home!

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Beware of IRS scam

News you can use

E-mails and phone calls claiming to be from the IRS are being circulated asking for verification of bank accounts and social security numbers so refunds and the new rebates can be directly deposited into your account.

These are the most recent attempts by scammers to steal your identity and are quite sophisticated. The solicitations appear authentic.

The IRS has put an alert on their website.

UPDATE! Sweet Dalmation looking to retire

Oatmeal is the sweetest boy you could possibly imagine, plus he's got the cutest spots ever!  This Dalmation is amazingly gentle, polite and well-behaved.  He's 10 years old and looking for a retirement home where he'll be loved and taken care of. A brief daily walk will suffice for Oatmeal and he'd love a soft bed and some toys to play with!  Give him a little affection and Oatmeal will provide you with loving companionship and be your friend forever.

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Relax with Sweet Sierra


Sierra is a calm dog with a very sweet, loving personality. This 6 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix is happy to relax quietly with her family and would just as soon watch sports on TV than chase a ball herself. Sierra does enjoy short walks, but is not dog who needs to run for miles everyday. If you have a relaxed, low-key lifestyle and a lot of love to give, then this beautiful girl just may be your perfect match.  Check her out at

Tired of Snow? Think Summer With A Park Rental

Konkel Park, P&R Office, Parks

The City of Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department has been receiving several inquiries already for summer park rentals at Konkel Park.  As of today, the forms needed to reserve facilities at Konkel Park are now available online for those interested to download.  These forms include:

  • Park & Special Use Request Guidelines
  • Park Policies, Procedures & Guidelines
  • Park Rental Fees & Charges
  • Park Rental Application

Konkel Park is the only park currently with rental capabilities.  If you have a date in mind already to reserve the park, please contact the department first to check if your date and time are available before you make your reservation and fill out the paperwork needed.  You can contact the Department during normal business hours Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, or at anytime by sending an e-mail to

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Fill 'er up!


 I got this information from the National Crime Prevention Council and I though it was worth sharing given the number of incidences that occur at gas stations in the Milwaukee area.  Just a couple of simple considerations to help keep you safe.

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UPDATE! Neglect Victims Need Your Help


Some of the Cedarburg cats are up for adoption at See them on the website under "Available Cats."

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Looking For A Summer Job?


Are you ready for summer?  Do you enjoy working outdoors?  Enjoy working with children?  The City of Greenfield Parks & Recreation Department is already planning its programs and services for Summer 2008 and is seeking individuals to join our winning team.  Park Worker positions are perfect for those who like to work outdoors, enjoy maintenance work, and would like to put their "green thumb" to good use.  The summer playground program leader position is a wonderful opportunity for college students home for the summer and school teachers looking for some extra income. 

Park Workers - Limited Term 
Openings are seasonal/limited term and pay $8.50 per hour.  Positions will begin in May for 14 weeks.

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Fires in the United States During 2006

The following information is from the NFPA Fire Analysis and Research, Fire Loss in the U.S. 2006-Full Report, 8/07


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