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Fighting Fires with Education

The Greenfield Fire Department is made up of 51 full-time members. The city is covered by two fire stations that protect 13.5 square miles. The department responds to approximately 4,000 calls annually and protects a population of 37,000. The department provides fire and emergency medical services (Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support). In addition to these services, the department is trained and equipped to respond to other types of emergencies, such as Hazardous Materials spills, Confined Space entries, minimal water and rope rescue, mass casualties and weapons of mass destruction. The Greenfield Fire Department will use this forum to share information about fire safety/awareness, first-aid tips and department events.

Fire Safety During the Spring and Summer Months

With Spring upon us and Summer fast approaching we will be posting a number of different Blogs to hopefully help you have a happy and safe Spring and Summer. 


Fire kills thousands of people in North America every year, most in their own homes.  Most of these needlessly.  Understanding the dangers of fire, how to avoid them and how to react when fire occurs will lessen the chances that you will become a victim.  In taking this fun quiz it is our hope that people will learn something about the cause of fires and change the way they respond when they occur.

The answers are at the bottom of this blog post.

  1. What is the number one cause of home fire fatalities?

              a.)  Smoking materials

              b.)  Cooking equipment

              c.)  Lightning

              d.)  Heating equipment

      2.    Where do the majority of fire related deaths occur?

              a.)  School

              b.)  Work

              c.)  Home

              d.)  Vehicles

      3.     Which of the following time segments account for the largest number of home deaths?

              a.)  6PM to midnight

              b.)  Midnight to 4AM

              c.)  4AM to 10AM

              d.)  10AM to 6PM

     4.      In what room do the largest number of home fires start?

              a.)  Recreation room

              b.)  Bedroom

              c.)  Kitchen

              d.)  Utility room

     5.       Most fire-related deaths result from burns

              a.)  True     b.)  False

     6.       If a fire occurs while you are asleep, the smoke will awaken you.

              a.)  True     b.)  False

     7.     If your clothing were to catch on fire, you should:

              a.)  Run the tub or shower

              b.)  Call the fire department 

              c.)  Stop, drop, and roll

              d.)  Put baking soda on it

     8.     If a grease fire starts in a pot on the stove, what should you do?

              a.)  Escape and call the fire department 

              b.)  Pour water on it

             c.)  Slide a lid over the pan

             d.)  Turn off the heat

     9.     If you receive a burn while cooking, what should you do immediately? 

             a.)  Smear butter on it

             b.)  Run cold water on it

             c.)  Apply ointment

             d.)  Pack it with ice

     10.     In what season do the largest number of house fires occur?

            a.)  Spring

            b.)  Summer

            c.)  Fall

            d.)  Winter

Answers:  1a; 2c; 3b; 4c; 5f or b; 6f or b; 7c; 8c & d; 9b; 10d  

Take care and stay safe!

Greenfield Fire Department   


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