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Crushing Crime

The Greenfield Police Department will use this forum to share information relative to community service, community crime prevention and community safety issues. Sergeant Peter Regenfelder and other members of the Community Services Team will post regular updates and information of interest to Greenfield residents. Residents are welcome to submit questions via email. Members of the Community Services Team also can be reached through the Greenfield Police Department at 414-761-5300.

Get your Assignment at Roll Call

In my 10 years of service as a Police Officer I have heard many citizens question the behavior of police officers.  Examples of this are, "I told the officer I was sorry and offered to shake his hand.  He refused to shake my hand.  How inconsiderate!" or,  "I got out of my car like he asked and it was cold outside.  I put my hands in my pockets and he kept telling me I had to keep my hands out of my pockets.  I think he just wanted me to be cold!"  These and many other actions by the police may seem inconsiderate and impolite on the surface but officers respond in this manner based on their training and experiences as Law Enforcement Officers.

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