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Staff members from the Greenfield Public Library will write about recent developments at the library, staff book recommendations, new materials, updates on the new library, upcoming events and programs, and highlights of specific collections. For more information about the Greenfield Public Library, check out our web site.

New Library

Imagine grabbing a cup of coffee, settling into an over-stuffed chair next to a fireplace, and spending the afternoon paging through your favorite magazine or a novel.  Where are you?  At home or at a trendy book store?  No.  You are at the new Greenfield Public Library!  As many of you have probably heard, the library will be moving to a new building in spring of 2009.  The library has outgrown its current location and a new building will ensure that the library continues to provide excellent service to the community.  The new library will be located on 52nd and Layton Avenue, right across the street from Konkel Park.  Some features of the new library that you can look forward to enjoying are:

  • a children's area with a story time room and a separate teen area, giving younger library users their own space
  • a computer lab with over 20 computers
  • a coffee kiosk that will sell beverages and snacks
  • a sound-proofed music studio equipped with an electronic piano
  • a community room (seating capacity 100) that contains a kitchenette and a grand piano
  • a periodical reading room with comfortable seating and a fireplace.

There are many ways you can support the library in building its new facility.  Please consider giving a monetary donation to ensure that we build the best library possible that will continue to serve generations to come.  All donations, at entry level, will be recorded in a book that will be permanently displayed in the new library.  Donations of $500 or more will be recognized on a donor wall.  There are also several naming and sponsorship opportunities starting at only $5,000.  Please contact Library Director Sheila O'Brien at (414) 321-9595 or visit our website to make a contribution to the new library.

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Check out this book

The recent lunar eclipse has persuaded me to write my first Greenfield Liblog book review on The Planets by Dava Sobel. Having read another of her books, Longitude, I was familiar with her ability to present scientific information in an entertaining manner. Those of us who are not astronomy buffs, but, nevertheless,  stand in awe of the majesty of the universe while gazing at the glossed cluster of a clear northern sky, find a user friendly interpreter in Ms Sobel. Contained in this book is history, discovery, mythology, mystery, suspense, beauty, glory, failure, science, creation, competition, and certainly, facts and figures of our star, planets, moons, asteroids and more. All this is woven together with poetic and spiritual appreciation.  I particularly enjoyed learning how and when our local heavenly bodies were named. For example, why is our planet named Earth, when, logically, it should be Ocean? Plus, I now can tell you the order of planets from nearest to farthest from the sun thanks to the excellent mnemonic "my very educated mother just served us nine pies". Of course, lately the planetary status of "pies" has been called into question. Hey! You'll learn why we are dePlutoed in this book, published by Viking in 2005.The Planets by Dava Sobel is a concise, informative and enthusiastic story of what's all around us. The call number in the Greenfield Library Nonfiction section is 523.3 SOB.  -- shelver dennis

Free Frozen Custard

In celebration of National Library Week (April 13-19), the Greenfield Public Library is now hosting a coloring contest.  Kids ages 11 and younger, pick up a coloring sheet at the Greenfield Public Library.  Celebrate your favorite book by drawing a picture about it.  It can be a character, event, scene or anything you liked about the book.  Return the drawing to the library when completed by April 30th.
What you will win...
Give completed coloring sheet to the librarian, and you'll win a certificate for a FREE single scoop of frozen custard in a cake cone or dish from Culvers.
Your name will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a kickball or mini lantern.

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