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Staff members from the Greenfield Public Library will write about recent developments at the library, staff book recommendations, new materials, updates on the new library, upcoming events and programs, and highlights of specific collections. For more information about the Greenfield Public Library, check out our web site.

Curious George Visits the Library

Curious George Visits the Library by Margret and H.A Rey is a children's Easy Book (E Rey) which is close to my heart. In this story, the good and always curious monkey visits the public library for children's story hour with his friend, the man with the yellow hat. After several stories, George leaves to search on his own for other books, amassing quite a stack. He does create a bit of a disturbance in the process, including making off at high speed with a shelving cart. (Let me interject here that we discourage this sort of behavior by monkeys or humans at the Greenfield Public Library). After the mess is cleaned up by a volunteer and some children, a circulation clerk helps George get his very own library card. So, George and the man with the yellow hat each leave with a fine selection of books to read and enjoy. I love happy endings. Don't you?


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