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Staff members from the Greenfield Public Library will write about recent developments at the library, staff book recommendations, new materials, updates on the new library, upcoming events and programs, and highlights of specific collections. For more information about the Greenfield Public Library, check out our web site.

After the Vote

For the past two and a half years, it has been my privilege to be employed as a part-time shelver at the Greenfield Public Library. I am a 58 year old veteran of the private sector. As with all my associates at the library, I endeavor to serve my employers, the taxpayers of Greenfield, in the most efficient and productive manner possible. As anyone who has visited the library recently can affirm,  the inadequacy of the facility severely limits the staff's ability to serve its employers and patrons. Resolving this problem was, I believe, the purpose of the recent, arduous, failed effort to secure funding in order to construct a new facility. It wasn't so staff could have cushy offices and pretty light fixtures at their workplace. It was so we could do a better job serving you. We have been denied that opportunity. But the loss is not ours, really. The loss is yours. To the minibus full of physically and emotionally challenged people in wheelchairs who visit us on their weekly outing who must squeeze into a space jostling up against patrons using internet computers, sorry. To the children who must cross the street to go into city hall basement for storytime, tough luck, kids. To our seasoned citizens who can't find a large print book because even our overflow area has an overflow area, too bad, you don't deserve any better.

At some point, it becomes more than a financial issue. It is a human issue. Of course sewer systems and good roads are neccessary. No argument. But in some measure, the value of a road is a function of the quality of its destination. These things are related, entwined. It's called community. Where and how you live. Thanks to the library board and director for their efforts. Thanks to the three council members who supported the July 30th motion. Thanks to the two council members who did not, for voting their convictions. Thanks to the mayor and city attorney for their eloquent support.  Come visit us at the library. We are here to serve you.Sincerely, shelver Dennis 

A Message from the Library Director

We will have a new library after all! On August 7th, the Greenfield  Common Council voted in the affirmative to provide an additional $625,000 funding through a low cost state loan. This step will allow us to sign the construction contract for the new Library immediately. We are moving ahead quickly to begin construction this month, and the groundbreaking ceremony has been set for Tuesday afternoon, August 26 at 4:30.  The public is invited to join us and help us celebrate this important moment in our City’s life.


On behalf of the Library Board, library staff and library supporters, we wish to thank Mayor Neitzke and all members of the Greenfield Common Council for their consideration during the difficult process of securing funding so that we can make this community-wide dream come true.  We look forward enthusiastically to a future when we will be better able to serve the Greenfield community with a real children’s library, a teen space, an easily accessible large print area specially designed for seniors and the visually handicapped, a community room for civic and cultural events, and adequate space for library users of all ages and interests. I know that I speak for the Board and all the staff in making a pledge to the community: we dedicate ourselves to make this a library the entire community will enjoy and be proud of for many years to come. Please join us August 26 to help us celebrate!


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