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Jack the Ripper

Being somewhat a fan of the true crime genre, with a familiarity of her catalog and credential, but never having read one of her novels, I dove into Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell. Forensic scientist Cornwell presents, sometimes in tedious detail, much circumstantial evidence and modern, technological investigative research in her quest to identify the man guilty of the Whitechapel murders in 1880's London, popularly referred to as Jack the Ripper due to the crime methodologies. SPOILER ALERT! The key word in the book title is portrait. The suspected murderer was an artist whose paintings often depicted women in a violent or grotesque circumstance. This is reminiscent of taking photos or videos of victims today. But that's just one interesting factor. I began the book with an open mind, letting the author try to convince me. She did. Many scoff at a claim to have solved this case. It is so legendary that I suggest many of those many do not want it to be solved. No matter. If you can handle the subject matter, it is a compelling and educating read even if you don't agree with the conclusion.   

The Greenfield Public Library carries this title in four formats:
2) Non-Fiction Large Print 364.1523
3) Audio Compact Disc CD 364 COR (abridged)
4) Audio Cassette CAS COR (abridged) 
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