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Crushing Crime

The Greenfield Police Department will use this forum to share information relative to community service, community crime prevention and community safety issues. Sergeant Peter Regenfelder and other members of the Community Services Team will post regular updates and information of interest to Greenfield residents. Residents are welcome to submit questions via email. Members of the Community Services Team also can be reached through the Greenfield Police Department at 414-761-5300.

Holiday Shopping Reminders

Time to rerun some holiday shopping tips.


Keep Your Purse!

By Sergeant Peter Regenfelder

The holiday season is coming up and the purse snatchers are already hard at work. This is a group of people I would really like to see unemployed! They are ruthless and mean! With your help, we can minimize the damage they do.

If possible ladies, leave your purse at home. If it’s not with you it cannot be taken from you. When you leave the house take what you need with you and put it in your pockets. A driver’s license, credit card, cash, keys and cell phone will fit in pants or jacket pockets.

If you feel the need to carry a purse, minimize the valuables in it. Don’t carry large sums of cash and take only the credit cards you need. When thieves steal purses they are looking for these two items. Cash can be saved and spent at leisure but credit cards get used quickly and for large purchases. This creates a financial nightmare for the victim. Leave jewelry and other valuables at home. Do not rely on your shoulder strap to keep your purse near you. Use a purse with a short handle and keep your purse in your hand.

Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to who is near you and who is taking a particular interest in you and your purse. If someone is making you uncomfortable and seems too interested in what you are doing, move away from them and keep your purse close. If this persists, tell a security guard or police officer. When driving home, pay attention to vehicles behind you as well as in front of you. There are thieves that will follow a victim home and steal from them when they get into their garage. If you feel you are being followed call the police or drive to your local police station. If you are not sure where that is, drive to a gas station and use a phone there. Gas stations usually have video surveillance and usually have a teller paying attention to the pumps.

If you plan your shopping adventure and only take what you need, you will minimize the chances of becoming a victim of a purse snatching.

Shop til you Drop Safely

By Sergeant Peter Regenfelder
The holiday season is upon us! Tis the season to go shopping! I would like to offer a few shopping tips in order to make the shopping season more enjoyable.

1) Clean out your trunk before leaving for your shopping experience. This will give you space to put your holiday goodies where they cannot be observed from the exterior of the vehicle.

2) If possible, only take the credit card you will use and a driver's license with you. These items can be placed in your pocket so you do not have to bring your purse with you. Purses are targets for thieves. If possible, leave them at home.

3) Preplan your shopping. Know where you are going. There are a lot of drivers on the road this time of year that are browsing while they drive and not paying enough attention to the road. If you know where you are going, you can concentrate on driving.

4) If you will be shopping until it gets dark, try and park where there are street lights or parking lights so that you will be in a lighted area when you return to your car.

5) If you are going to leave valuables in the car, keep them out of sight. Put them in the trunk or out of view under the seat.

6) While you shop, if you had to take your purse with you, keep it with you. Do not leave it in the cart while you select items from the shelf or try on clothing. It may not be there when it is time to check out.

7) When returning to your car with your holiday cheer, have your keys in your hand so you can access your vehicle quickly without searching for your keys. Also, do not leave your newly purchased gems unattended while you get the kids situated, start the car, unlock the driver's door, etc. It does not take long before those items could be gone.

8) Return home for some holiday nog and a foot massage from your significant other!

If you do become a victim of theft during your shopping experience, have emergency credit card phone numbers available so that you can cancel your account before the criminals have a chance to use it and call the police .

I hope these hints are helpful and make your holiday shopping experience more cheerful! 

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