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Illustrated Inspiration

I have to return the library’s copy of An Illustrated Life by (741 GRE).  I’ve had it checked out for three weeks and it’s not enough, but there are other holds so I must return it.  I’ve been totally enthralled by this book, which features sketchbook pages from dozens of artists.  Each artist has written a narrative to describe how he or she uses the sketchbooks, as well as processes, techniques, tools, and advice to budding artists.  These contributors represent a range of approaches, styles, and backgrounds.  Many use sketchbooks as a form of personal journal, and almost all refer to keeping a sketchbook as a means of developing awareness. 
Some artists use fine paper and bind their own books, while others use cheap notebooks and ballpoint pens.  Some bring their sketchbooks everywhere they go.  Some sketch every day at a certain time.  It’s fascinating, and I’ve been inspired enough to go out and buy a moleskine landscape watercolor book, though I’m a bit intimidated by the blank pages (which is also addressed in this book).  If you are an artist, or one who journals, or doodles, or makes collages out of movie tickets and gum wrappers, or are just interested in a range of personal stories, you’ll find this book interesting.
BarbaraReference Librarian

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