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I live in Greenfield with my husband and cat. I work full time. Frugality and simplicity have been a part of my life long before they became popular and it has made life a lot less stressful. I love volunteering, home improvement/decorating, crafting and gardening.

Funeral Homes

 There are many funeral homes that are wonderful and genuinely care about the families that they serve and help out at a very trying time in their lives.  However, my experience with a funeral home in West Allis several years ago was NOT a pleasant experience.  When my mom passed away, it was sudden and unexpected.  I had never had to deal with funeral arrangements.  We chose this particular funeral home in West Allis because my husband's family had used them for several family members in the past.  My mother and I were close and this was a trying time for me.  Stupid me - I was unaware that when a family member is cremated, a casket is rented not purchased.  I was sold a casket that is used for inground burial which was quite expensive.  They also were forceful in expecting me to purchase flowers through them versus my going to a floral shop to purchase them on my own.  And, they sold me an expensive urn knowing full well that the cemetary included an urn with the purchase of a niche.  I was able to get the urn price removed from my bill as I never took or used the urn that the funeral home sold me.  However, after speaking to others about the casket after the funeral was over, I was told I was duped because the casket should have been rented not sold outright to me.  So, I contacted the funeral home - they never indicated they did anything wrong BUT they did give me a voucher for $2,000 towards their services in the future.  I told them under no circumstances would I ever be using their services again and wanted an amount in cash for the difference between what I paid for the casket I originally purchased versus what a rental casket would have cost.  They offered me less in the form of the voucher for the $2,000.  I tried several times over the years to get the cash equivalent.  They always told me even if I didn't use the $2,000, I could give it to someone else to use.  And now, as is the case with a lot of family owned funeral homes, they have merged with a larger organization.  I am stuck with a worthless piece of paper no matter how I look at it.  I would never use this funeral home again nor would I recommend them to anyone.  This is so unfortunately that people are taken advantage of by organizatiions in our society at tough times in their lives.  

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Over the years, I have had friends and relatives brag about their intelligent college educated family members.  I believe 100% in a college education.

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Christmas Shopping - Courteous Shoppers

 As I have said in the past, I am not a big Christmas shopper.  I purchase my gifts all year long and make gifts, as well. However, I have gotten quite a few "good buys" lately at Kohls, Boston Store and Target but I shop on weeknights and get in and out of the stores quickly.  I have encountered good natured sales clerks and basically people (other shoppers) have been courteous and generous.  Twice, in the past week, I have had people ask me if I wanted to get ahead of them in line as I had less purchases than they had!   People open doors and hold doors for me if I have a large package or packages.

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No More Cable

 We were getting frustrated with our Basic Cable TV service from Time Warner so cancelled it after having it for many, many years.  Many people in our condo complex also did so but switched to AT & T Uverse.  In order to cancel Time Warner, we had to sit on the phone for 45 minutes and then take a piece of equipment back to Southridge to the Time Warner store and wait for another 45 minutes in line.  Many, many people were upset with Time Warner.  

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Historical Societies

 When we lived in West Allis, I was always interested in West Allis history - the older, well maintained homes, the history of the old buildings on National Avenue, the history of the businesses, etc.  We joined the West Allis Historical Society in West Allis as well as Greendale and Greenfield.  Our history is so very important and we enjoy reading the quarterly newsletters or books that are available on these three cities.  The West Allis Historical Society has a very nice museum and grounds - vist them when you have a chance.  There is also a nice book that was published a few years ago about the West Allis history - VERY informative with great pictures.  My husband grew up in West Allis since the age of 2 and he remembers fields where there are now sub divisions and condos.  There used to be  mom and pop bakeries, mom and pop center of the block grocery stores, etc.   I even remember them when I moved into West Allis in my early 20's - The bakery off of 81st and National was like going way back in time - old wooden floors, old cash register, bakery made in the backroom by the owner, old glass bakery cases, etc.  

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