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There IS Strength In Numbers

 We cannot do everything on our own.  With assistance from others who are attempting to reach the same goal as us, we can get things done.

If there is a drug house(s) in a neighborhood, neighbors can get together and work with the police department and the city/municipality to get the illegal activities out of the area.  One neighbor cannot do it alone and should not be expected to.  Working together, neighbors can make their neighborhood a safe place to call home for their families.  I'm not talking about becoming a vigilante but just letting people know that illegal activities are not going to take down your neighborhood.  If no one does anything, soon the good people start moving out and the bad start taking over and moving in.  I've seen it happen.

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Greendale Water Boil Advisory Lifted

Greenfield has lifted the boil advisory asking citizens to use boiled or bottled water.

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Unemployment Insurance Computer System Offline Later This Week


The Department of Workforce Development is upgrading its Unemployment Insurance computer system this weekend. The system will be offline Thursday, October 6, 2011 through Saturday, October 8, 2011.

The upgrade is scheduled to avoid an outage Sunday, typically the busiest day for filing unemployment insurance claims.

Governor Walker Announces Office of Inspector General

fraud, medicaid

Governor Scott Walker announced today the creation of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in the Department of Health Services.  The Office of the Inspector General will coordinate the agency’s fraud prevention efforts and help implement recommendations made by Governor Walker’s Commission on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.

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Constituents Express Concerns About Roundabouts

Responding to constituent and legislators’ concerns, I called an informational hearing for the Transportation and Elections Committee about roundabouts.


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U.S. Corporate Taxes Highest in World? PolitiFact Says 'True'

PolitiFact did an interesting analysis of a statement recently made by Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. Congressman Sensenbrenner claimed the United States had the highest corporate tax rate in the world.PolitiFact’s ruling? True.

According to PolitiFact, "a widely quoted annual report says the U.S. corporate tax rate is 35 percent and is highest among 34 large, industrialized countries."

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Transportation and Elections Committee Hearing Thursday

The Senate Committee on Transportation and Elections will hold a public hearing Thursday to hear testimony on four bills, including three bipartisan proposals.

The hearing for Senate Bills 211, 215, 222, and 223 begins at 2:00 PM in room 201 SE in the State Capitol.

More Wisconsin Fiscal Responsibility

Wisconsin is a national leader in fiscal responsibility, as evidenced by the state’s recently-approved balanced budget.

New numbers show Republicans’ commitment to fiscal sanity is a reflection of Wisconsin’s fiscally conservative culture.  According to the credit-rating agency Experian, four Wisconsin cities placed in the top 10 cities nationally for average credit scores.

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I am getting to the sticky stuff first.   Wish me luck.

I am skirting outside of the realm of the Catholic Church and going straight to the anatomy of it all.  Albeit, I am no science major, yet I’ll do my best. 

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Governor's Weekly Radio Address

Governor Scott Walker’s radio address for this week is about making government more efficient.

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Trade Agreements Help Wisconsin

Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature have done a lot to improve the state's economy.  Congress lent a hand recently by approving three trade agreements that have a substantial impact on state businesses.  Congress approved trade agreements with Korea, Colombia, and Panama earlier this week.

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Squirrels & Lawsuit in West Allis

 I know only what I've read and heard on TV regarding the gentleman who feeds the birds, squirrels, etc. on South 72nd Street in West Allis.  I also heard he keeps the yard immaculate...,meaning he is trying to keep the place up - however, peanut shells, bird food, etc. and get into other yards just the same.  Now, this is only what I've read and seen on the TV newscasts.  

My husband and I lived for about 32 years in our duplex in West Allis and my husband grew up in West Allis.  It was time to move when the area we lived in became infested with drug dealing, usage and home/yards that were not maintained.  Therefore, I'm not quite sure where I stand pertaining to this issue of peanut shells and feeding squirrels.  For neighbors to do property damage and take this situation to court, I believe they are dealing with more than we have been told through the media.  When my mom was alive, she would give peanuts to the squirrels and when some neighbors mentioned the peanut shells in their yards (not many), I asked if they minded it - they said no and got a kick out of my mom enjoying herself.  I did eventually put a stop to it because the squirrels started to get a little too close to mom and watched for her to come outside.  

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My mind is taking over

James family, Las Vegas, Reno, Vacation

Usually I try to keep my blog postings light and humorous, and though occasionally serious, I don't often get too deep.  This is an exception.

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Governor's Weekly Radio Address

Governor Walker's radio address this week highlights the success of reforms Wisconsin Republicans made the last 10 months.

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Author Visit


James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure, will be at the library for a visit on Tuesday, October 25th at 6:30 p.m.  Dashner will talk about his new book and his experiences as an author and will answer questions from the audience.  Afterwards he will be available to sign books.  Boswell Books will also be selling copies of Dashner's books  This is event is free and open to the public and no registration is required.  Special thanks to Boswell Books for sponsoring this event.

Cheating Schmeating

It’s time to tackle the subject which makes the faintest of bloods boil.   Cheating. 

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Updated Concealed Carry FAQ Website

With 10 days until Wisconsin’s concealed carry law takes effect, the State Department of Justice updated the Frequently Asked Questions page on its website to reflect emergency rules, and application and training requirements.

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Miserable Leadership From Democrats

Possibly the biggest indicator of President Obama’s failed economic leadership is this: Americans are more miserable now than at any point in nearly 30 years.

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Is the third time the charm?

Craps, Football, Gambling, Las Vegas, Milwaukee Brewers, MLB, Poker, Restaurants, Vacation

Won't you join me as we relive 5100 words of the not 1st, not 2nd, but 3rd Annual Poker Guys Trip to Las Vegas for Playing Poker?

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Senate Action

The Senate approved 15 bills today as part of the Regular Session and the September Special Session.

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