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That's Life

As a career professional, volunteer, mom, wife, and friend, I focus on the positive aspects of life, even when the road is rough getting there. Life is funny. How you treat others, how you handle situations, and how you live each day is your responsibility ... so are the outcomes.

Remembering a Great Friend, Father, and Husband

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I find myself struggling sometimes with the loss of family and friends at such young ages. It hardly makes sense when there is so much more life to live, adventures to experience, and roads not traveled. I try to be optimistic, yet it is difficult, when the past three years, I have been to more funerals than birthday parties.

There are greater goods, which have resulted from these funerals, though at the time of attending, the vision or thoughts were not there. It is a coming together of people, some known, some not known, and some whom we now call our friends. Through these events, I have grown to know the impact I and others had on the lives of the friends and family passed, yet when they were living they were unspoken just knew you were always there for each other.

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