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I am a 60-plus-year-old kid that still works as an IT consultant. I hope to write a humorous, slightly apocryphal column with some real life insights.

The Pack Is Back, on the DVR!

Okay, so I get a little intense during football games.  I gave two speeches about Vince Lombardi in my high school speech class.  My speech teacher did dock me for reenacting Vince’s “What the hell’s is going on out here!?”  And my best claim to NFL fame is that I played on a high school offensive line next to an All Pro football player.  I like to use that line for free drinks at a sports bar.

So my blood pressure goes nuts during Packer games.  I yell, pout, and cry out to God if they are not doing well.  It was becoming too much for all the people around me.  And striking the furniture with my forearms was too expensive in regards to replacement costs and of course the medical costs for my arm casts.

Well I had a great solution.  I would record the Packer game, try not to “peek” while they were playing, and then watch the recorded game under one condition.  If the Packers won, I would want to enjoy a game that I know they would win.  If they lost, I would delete the game without watching.  Like who cares, since they lost!!!

It was tough to do it this way.  My friends would try to contact me and tell me how the Packers were doing during the game.  I would refuse to answer the phone, check the sports on the Internet, and especially stay off of Facebook and other like sites.  Of course, at some point, I would have to find out if they won the game or not.  It was tough listening to recorded voice messages by my friends (some live in Illinois, you know what that means during Bears games).

And when the Packers played later at night, I would go to bed and try to sleep.  The next morning, I would have to face the results on TV.  As the football scores crawled by, my heart would skip when I finally saw the “Green Bay Packers” on the screen.  Of course a commercial would come on and I would have to wait through 3 minutes of hair spray, toothpaste, and 6 pack abs commercials.

And there it was, the Packers WON!!!  I could go to work in peace and pretend I could talk about the game.  But if they lost, the morning started out poorly, breakfast was tasteless, I deleted the recorded game, and I moped around all day like my fellow workers.  And it was ONLY an exhibition game!  God help me during the regular season.

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