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This and That

I live in Greenfield with my husband and cat. I work full time. Frugality and simplicity have been a part of my life long before they became popular and it has made life a lot less stressful. I love volunteering, home improvement/decorating, crafting and gardening.

Christmas Is Like A Wedding

 I was thinking the day after Christmas that the holidays are like a wedding.  All the preparation and expenses and then it's over in a flash.  

From what I could tell, the store and mall parking lots before and even now are packed with cars - this can be a good thing for our economy.  It can be a good thing even for us frugal people who like "big" bargains.  I'm buying for next year's gifts already.  I pack them in a box and mark the box so that I know what's in it and I'm ready for next year's gift giving.  I've also got some ideas for homemade treats that I've found in some of the magazines I've come across (Thank you, Martha).  

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