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I live in Greenfield with my husband and cat. I work full time. Frugality and simplicity have been a part of my life long before they became popular and it has made life a lot less stressful. I love volunteering, home improvement/decorating, crafting and gardening.

Employers and Age Discrimination

I am very, very fortunate that I work for a great employer who appreciates good employees and prospective employees no matter what age they are.  However, since my husband lost his position as a Quality Engineer about 14 months ago due to his manufacturing plant closing, he has noticed that, in spite of employers putting IN WRITING that they do not discrimination due to age - THEY DO!  And, it is even more noticeable now with the poor economy and it will continue to get worse.  I know there are employers who are not afraid to hire "experienced" employees but they are becoming few and far between.  I'm from the "old school" and I thought the following meant you would be someone that an employer would appreciate hiring and keeping as an employee:

-Do not abuse the sick day policy

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Frugal Ideas and Living Simply

What are you doing to survive in these troubling economic times?  My husband and I started living frugally about 10 years into our marriage and have continued to do so.  Within the past 3 years, we have downsized our home and simplified our lifestyle.  We have no debt.  We have built up our savings to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as the loss of a job - which has happened to us.  I'd like to  see some blogging on how you and your family are doing to survive during this downturn in the economy and if you will continue living this way if and when the economy turns around.  I would like to give some of my ideas in this and future blogs and hope they can help some of you and/or that you can use some of the ideas to help out.  I will also give recommendations on websites and books that I have found useful.  They may or may not work for you.  We still live well and go on  vacations.  We are happy with what we have and have no regrets.

Here are a few suggestions for frugal/simple living that we have followed and it has helped us quite a bit:

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More Frugal Ideas - Hope They Help You Out

Next time you have a desire to spend, take a few minutes to ask yourself the following:

1. Can I afford it?

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