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As a career professional, volunteer, mom, wife, and friend, I focus on the positive aspects of life, even when the road is rough getting there. Life is funny. How you treat others, how you handle situations, and how you live each day is your responsibility ... so are the outcomes.

If I Were a State Budget Copy, Where Would I Be?

As taxpayers and voters, we have a right to be able to make good decisions based on credible and accurate facts. The issue Wisconsin is facing with the budget is the lack of COMPLETE information available to us to determine for ourselves the exact impact Scott Walker’s decisions are going to have on our daily lives and families as a whole.

I am awe-stricken at how unavailable the ENTIRE copy of the budget is. If I were a state budget copy, where would I be? I know I am not in the hands of the individuals, who are directly affected by the first round of budget cuts. I know I am not in the hands of the people, who will be affected by the budget cuts to follow. I am certain, I am not in the hands of the Wisconsin people to aid them in comprehending and understanding what lies ahead, so they can better prepare and make sound decisions for the future.

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