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I live in Greenfield with my husband and cat. I work full time. Frugality and simplicity have been a part of my life long before they became popular and it has made life a lot less stressful. I love volunteering, home improvement/decorating, crafting and gardening.

More Frugal Ideas! I Wish I Could Teach A Class On Frugality

I hope my ideas are assisting some of you.  I wish I could teach a class on everything I have learned and done over the years to save money, build up savings, and reduce expenses and debt. 

Over the last two weeks, our electric dryer quit drying and two of our printers started printing poorly.  The dryer is only 3 years old, the black and white laser printer is 15 years old and the color laser printer is 8 years old.  Together, my  husband and I fixed them all and they are working and running as well as the day we purchased them and we didn't spend a dime!  First of all, we went online and googled "how to fix......." and got into a website that bloggers use to help out people who have questions on fixing something that is wrong with an appliance and/or printer or whatever.  We always save the booklets we receive when we purchase an item but this time they did not help us figure out what was wrong.  First of all and most importantly, ALWAYS UNPLUG AN APPLIANCE OR PRINTER OR WHATEVER YOU ARE FIXING WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON IT! 

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New School Board Members

I would like to get feedback (your thoughts) on the two new school board members.  Do you feel they will get our city back on track with school spending as well as the needs of the children who need a good education in our schools?  What are your thoughts on the previous school board members?  I've heard things over the years on large raises, etc. and wonder if others heard or know of the same. 

Thank you

Terrible Accident in Greendale

My heart goes out to the family that lost their five year old daughter while enjoying a walk with her mom on a nice day in Greendale. 

I do not know the circumstances and was not there so I am not going to pass judgment.  I only want to remind EVERYONE how very, very important it is to be aware of your surroundings while driving and walking.  We cannot assume that "the other guy" is as conscientious as we may be.  We always need to be alert and keep our mind on what we are doing and where we are going.  Please watch your speeds and be courteous of others while driving.  Our loved ones want us to come home to them...............

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Loomis & Coldspring Area

Has anyone heard what is going to happen with the so-called blighted area near Loomis & Coldspring near the Park and Ride and the area heading south?  I've heard lots of different things; pro and con.  What are you thoughts and what have you heard?  Thanks.

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