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To Whom This May Concern,

     According to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 information posted on, the state of Wisconsin was granted $141,056,206 to be spent on 297 projects within seven congressional districts. Continually focus is on influencing areas of the budget, which will encourage partnerships / building alliances with people and resource centers to increase jobs in our state. Given the large price tags per district listed below, how will the balance of these funds be allocated and to what projects? Thus far, how have these funds been dispersed? Who has been overseeing them to make sure they are being used for the purposes intended? 

ARRA Project Funding by Congressional District

District # of Projects Investment Rank*
2nd 199 $96,564,110
$736,423 259
4th 23 $10,524,985 129
5th 67 $32,636,372
6th 2
$220,432 306
7th 2
$343,060 296
8th 1
$30,824 336
State Total 297 $141,056,206 17

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