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No Wonder Charities Struggle

Have you all been following the story about the two West Allis police officers who were shot over the weekend?  Did you hear the lastest about the scam artists trying to "raise money" for these two officers?

I can't believe people behave like this.  Someone decided the best way to get some easy money was to pretend to be raising money for someone else?  The police department has issued a statement that, while they appreciate the outpouring of support they have received from our community, they are not collecting money for the officers.  These scammers are playing on our sympathies and respect for our police department. Some of you may even have fallen victim to the scammers -- hopefully most of us heard the story before opening our wallets.

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Molly and Kitty, Sitting In the Window

indoor cats, outdoor cats

Apparently my 13-year-old spayed cat, Molly, is the bomb.  Or maybe just a home wrecker.

For the past month or so, every evening about nine, a white cat with a tan patch on its face jumps up on our living room window ledge (on the outside) to have a look into our house. Molly is not the friendliest cat I own.  Heck, let's be honest, she's not the friendliest cat in the state. But she seems to enjoy these almost nightly visits from the cat my husband and I have dubbed, "Her Boyfriend." Early evening she will jump up on her little cat bench in front of our windows and look frantically from left to right until he arrives. He's very well-behaved, sitting on the other side of the window, while Molly paws at the glass and gurgles at him. It's not a hiss...not really a growl. It seems she's happy to see him.

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