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Summer Lovin'

Charleston, South Carolina, vacation

My husband, John, and I got off the plane in Milwaukee yesterday and we had to stop in the terminal so I could put my sweatshirt on. Fifty degrees is a little disappointing for June 2. This is particularly true when you've just spent 6 days in South Carolina trying your best not to look like a piece of bacon on the fry pan. Fifty degrees becomes even more frustrating after having spent the better part of six months wearing sweaters. I can never get warm enough in the winter. Plus, I have lots of cute sandals and capris being wasted in the back of my closet most of the year. I've been pulling them out to look at them since April. With a frown, I put them back in the closet because, even though the calendar says it's spring, Mother Nature has something else to say.

I'm not good with wool, snowflakes or insulated mittens (which, by the way, don't work). I've always loved sun, warm and ocean breezes. Every year when summer in Wisconsin seems to get shorter and shorter, I have looked to the east coast to solve my warm weather withdrawal. I have lived in and loved Wisconsin not because I chose it for myself, but because my ancestors chose it for me. That doesn't make Wisconsin wrong, just not quite right. My heart is in it, but not my soul. I've often heard the phrase, "Bloom where you are planted" but that doesn't mean you can never move the flower box.

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Kids are Authors Too!

Scholastic, Inc., Longfellow Elementary School

As a fellow writer, dreaming of landing my first book deal, I am proud of West Allis' own Longfellow Elementary School's second graders who will see their own book in print long before they hit middle school.

Margaret Wandsneider's second grade class has been entering the Scholastic, Inc. "Kids are Authors Too" contest for ten years. This time, they've come up with the winner.

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